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Speakers for your iPad

The built in speakers of iPad is not of any high quality but just adequate to satisfy your immediate requirements. There are many types of speakers available in the market which can be connected to iPad. Broadly they fall into 4 basic types
  1. Wired Clip on Speakers
  2. Bluetooth Speakers
  3. Speakers with Airplay support
  4. iPad docks with speakers (some of the docks comes with clock radio)

Logitech Clip on Speakers

This is directly clip on to iPad and double up as a stand too to pop up your iPad. The batteries can be charged using USB and it can run for 8 hours producing good sound. Speaker can be clip on to iPad in either portrait for landscape mode.

Logitech Wireless Speakers (Bluetooth speakers) Boombox

Logitech Boombox speakers connect to iPad or iPhone using Bluetooth and guarantees very good sound performance.

Airplay speakers for iPad (Wi-Fi Audio)

Airplay speakers from iHome or JBL use Wi-Fi to connect to your iPad. You can charge your iPad using the USB port provided in the speaker. JBL’s Onbeat Airplay model comes with very strong sound too. JBL has another set of Airplay speakers called On Air Xtream which is known for its sound quality.

Speaker with Clock Radio and Dock (over Wi-Fi)

JBL On Air

JBL is an iPhone dock cum Wi-Fi speaker set which is compatible with Apple Airplay. It does many functions including clock radio which can tune into FM stations. You can use it for streaming music using Apple Airplay technology from your MAC or iOS devices. It can charge your iOS device as well as play from it. There is no battery backup for the clock but it maintains time in a smart way by connecting to Internet time using Wi-Fi whenever power recycle happens. So it is a great Alarm clock too which can be put to snooze by a tap on the top of the speaker which is very convenient way to extend your sleep.

This is more of convenience and does not seem to be of any great sound quality and it is expensive.