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App2Fame - Online National-Level App Developer Challenge

Buoyed by the resounding success of App2Fame Season 1 in 2011, txtWeb has recently announced its much-awaited online National-Level App Developer Challenge for 2012 – App2Fame 2012.

If this is the first time you are reading about txtWeb, here’s a brief background -- txtWeb provides FREE SMS-based mobile apps for all mobile phones users across all telecom service providers. Its alluring features are :
  1. txtWeb is FREE. No extra / hidden charges applicable
  2. There is no need for an internet data plan or GPS on your phone
  3. It’s QUICK and EASY. Simply SMS relevant keywords to 92433 42000 to get immediate response. Check out – www.txtweb.com for details.
Coming back to the contest, here’s a quick synopsis
  1. App2Fame is open to All – Students, Professionals, Businesses, Start-ups
  2. Apps published between July 19th and September 8th 2012 are eligible for the contest.
  3. Details about the contest are available on www.app2fame.com


  1. Most-Popular Apps: Any app built for end users. The apps that get the largest number of unique users in the month of September (8th-30th) would be eligible for the prizes.
  2. Business Solutions Apps: Apps built to solve some real world Business Problems provided by txtWeb would be considered under this category. Check the type of problem statements here. The list of finalists would be declared based on the functionality of the app decided by an independent panel of judges selected by Intuit.
  3. Open-Sourced Apps: This category aims to encourage developers to start participating in open source development by writing code and open source for the benefit of all. Apps would be evaluated by txtWeb team on the basis of certain criteria. To know more about the criteria click here.


Most-Popular Category

  • 1st prize - Cash Reward of 1 Lakh INR
  • 2nd prize - Cash Reward of 50,000 INR
  • 3rd prize - Cash Reward of 30,000 INR

Business Solutions Category

  • 1st prize - Cash Reward of 1 Lakh INR
  • 2nd prize - Cash Reward of 50,000 INR
  • 3rd prize - Cash Reward of 30,000 INR

Open Source Category

  • One Prize - Cash Reward of 1 Lakh INR

Any App that gets more than 1000 unique users

  • Cash Reward of 3,000 INR
If you want take up the gauntlet and match shoulders with the best tech-minds in the country, register right away for the challenge : https://developer.txtweb.com/registration