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Gazelle - Sell Your Electronics Online !

Are you short of money to buy your favourite Music CD, or place a pre order for upcoming book of your favourite author? Well it is time should fiddle your closet and the unopened drawers and look for electronic gadgets that you never use, the site Gazelle will buy them for you.

Gazelle.com has come up with this amazing idea that will turn you eco friendly while earning. On browsing the site, you will come across 22 categories under which it will accept your unused or junk electronic waste including cell phones, laptops, cameras , DVD players, movies, video games and desktop computers.

If you are planning to sell your stuff, select your category then the site will prompt you to enter specific information such as manufacturer, condition of item , model etc. Then it will calculate for you the best deal and make an offer which will be open for you for 30 days to accept. Upon agreeing with the offer it will send you a box into which you can keep your item and ship to gazelle for free.

The price guarantee scheme of gazelle is amazing, it lets the re-quotation of your item if its value increases or it is discovered that item is worth more than what was estimated of it. Thus, paying the seller more that what was promised.

If you have a certain item which does not have a significant value , you can still send that item to Gazelle in the shipment box along with the item you are selling. The website will recycle it for free and will pay the postage charges as well.

There are a number of payment options to choose from, like transferring funds to your paypal accouont or sending a check or gift card from Amazon or Walmart. There are over 100 charities on Gazelle site where you could donate your funds as well.

Because of numerous categories to sell , the probability of your product falling into one is very good. Even if your electronic product is not in their catalogue the website will research it for you and come up with a personal offer within 3 to 5 days.

Among a number of great features , one is the introduction of referral system which pays you $10 if any of your referred friends sell an item on Gazelle. The referral system allows you to put up links on your social network website or blogs or even send out email invitations to your friends. This will let you make money even if you have nothing in your basket to sell.

The shipping of the items is free within United States as they have a partnership with UPS and USPS. The goods from outside US are also accepted but free shipping is not offered in such case. Payment for sold items could be carried out through any non -profit organization of your choice, or via cheque or paypal account.

Gazelle is taking a step forward in making the world go green and clean. It is green certified site and thus is an important initiative for eco friendliness. Thus if you have an electronic gadget sell it to Gazelle rather keeping in a box and throwing it afterwards and ultimately taking a step forward towards a cleaner world.