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Have A New Product? Don't Forget About Online Rep

Before launching your new product into the marketplace, you need to understand your current online reputation. You also need a plan to create buzz, which can lead to pre-orders and great word of mouth advertisement. The product launch should become an event and if you create enough buzz before actually releasing the product, sales will soar.

Before putting together your plan, it's important to check your internet reputation at Reputation.com. If you currently have a good online reputation, you can move forward with the next part of the process. However, if your reputation isn't all that great or it doesn't exist, you may want to consider a consultation with a reputation management company.

Talking to a representative of an online reputation management company can help you understand how you can build a positive profile for your company and product before your launch. They can also help with creating buzz about your new product, along with maintaining your reputation even if your new product receives a few negative reviews.

How to Create Buzz

Every industry is a little different, but the plan for creating positive buzz remains the same. Some of the most popular ways to get the word out include social media sites, guest blog posts, product reviews and building an announcement list. Many companies build anticipation by allowing customers to sign up for an email list for announcements leading up to the actual product launch.

Step 1 - Finding the Influencers

Within every industry, there are certain blogs, websites and individuals with a large following. These are known as the influencers. With a positive review or post from one or more of these people or sites, you can gain many customers very fast. They can reach thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of minutes.

Step 2 - Contact the Influencers

After finding some of those with the ability to get the word out within your industry, you need to contact them. Don't hide the fact that you are selling something. It can help if you point out the benefits of the product and how it fits with their audience. You may want to start with some simple small talk to help ease into introducing your product.

Step 3 - Develop a Relationship

Building relationships with those able to reach large groups your product benefits can help you now and in the future. By offering the influencer something for their help, you can start to build a positive business relationship. This could lead to help with building buzz and a potential announcement to all their followers when you do launch your product.