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Help Desk Automation

When you sit down to work in the morning, you just know that everything is going to go according to plan. While some days are perfect, other days can prove to be quite challenging. With error messages, computer problems and Internet issues, it can be very difficult to get anything done. Employees get frustrated and waste valuable time trying to fix the computer problems that they face.

Can you imagine how easy it would be to press an assigned hotkey on your keyboard and immediately have IT help? With today’s technology, it’s easy to have support accessible throughout the entire day. When something goes wrong, it’s simply a matter of submitting a ticket for help and waiting for a quick reply from the IT department.

Submitting a ticket is easy because it is a built-in feature for many of the IT apps and software that are now available as one of the help desk tools. By submitting a ticket, one is simply asking for a response to a problem that needs to be solved. Some newer help desk software even has a hotkey that employees can use to notify the IT department that there is a problem. This could be any type of error message that needs to be addressed by a trained IT professional within the company. Once he or she receives the ticket, work will begin immediately to find a solution. The employee will be informed when the ticket is received and also when the problem has been solved.

Your IT administrator not only knows about the computers in your company, but he or she also has access to an amazing database of knowledge. Typically, this is set up by keywords that could be in an error message. When the IT personnel receive the message that someone has a problem, they also receive a snapshot of the entire error message so that they can look for a quick solution.

With the information that they receive from their databases, they can then take control of the end user’s computer and make the necessary changes. All information is available through their databank so they can easily know how to locate the right person and computer and fix the problem.

Asset management tools make it easy to see all information on the computers, printers and other network devices within the system. By having this information available, IT staff members can search all components of the machines on the network to find any problems. They can also remotely control these devices through the network and make reports as necessary. Changes in inventory, hardware, software and other important information are easily accessible.

There are many advantages to using help desk software which include:
  1. Centralized support team
  2. Quicker response time for handling problems
  3. Remote accessibility to hardware configurations and software issues
  4. Remote control of employee’s computers in a secure connection
  5. Surveillance of network at all times to avoid issues
  6. Automatic alerts and notifications
  7. Hotkeys for immediate support
  8. Infinite knowledge available on database to fix errors
  9. Availability of reports and analysis of inventory and other changes within the company
  10. Mobile accessibility for IT personnel to address problems immediately
With technology advancing at such a quick rate, employees sometimes can’t find quick answers to their computer problems. Time and money are lost while they try to solve their own problems or try to contact the IT reps who are usually up to their ears in work. By using help desk software, companies can eliminate stress and save money at the same time.