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Is It Ethical to Spy on iPhone?

If you open you some ethical code of conduct guide, it has to be admitted that it is unethical to spy on iPhone or any other device. But two-and-two-makes-four doesn’t apply to us humans and desperate times require desperate measures.

So technically the answer would be ‘no’ but a philosophical answer would be ‘maybe’. Spying on anyone for malicious aims is totally wrong, unethical and illegal. Nothing can ever justify it. But if you want to spy on iPhoneof your son who you doubt to be abusing drugs, you must not be worrying whether it is ethical or not you must install such software right away!

Spy on iPhone the Smart Way!

The safest software to spy on iPhone is Cocospy nevertheless. There’s no doubt about it. Cocospy is stealth, undetectable and uninstallable without your consent to give you the most reliable experience. You can install Cocospy on multiple devices and move it to other devices multiple times.

How is it Like to Spy on iPhone?

If you have installed Cocospy on the target phone- the phone that you want to spy on- you are all set to spy on iPhone. Of course you’d have to get hold of the phone once to install the software but afterwards you will be able to remotely:
  1. Read SMS, messenger chats and e-mails.
  2. View contact list and all multimedia files.
  3. Record calls and phone surroundings.
  4. Track geo-location of the phone.
  5. Check location history.
  6. View web history and frequently visited sites that have been bookmarked.
  7. Receive alerts for all SMS, e-mails and calls received and sent.
  8. Backup all sensitive data.
  9. Delete data and block phone.
Note that Cocospy focuses on monitoring features and does not provide any features through which you could restrict phone usage. Cocospy aims at keeping you posted about the target phone user’s activities so you can decide for yourself what needs to be done.

If you listen to the phone call recordings and figure out that your son is into drugs you can instantly take action and intervene duly. Similarly checking web browsing logs of your children let you keep an eye on the internet usage to ensure safe cyber experience. Geo-tracking is a very useful feature as well as it lets you find our kids on the map using GPS technology that tells you the exact location. It helps protect your kids against kidnappers and even mobile theft because you can simply block and delete all data from the phone.

You can also consider telling you are going to spy on iPhone if you’re that concerned about ethical issues. Don’t worry, your kids can neither uninstall the phone nor escape your reach by changing SIM card because if they do, you’d receive instant alert! Cocospy, after all, has got it all sorted out!