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Tips To Optimise Mobile Email Marketing

According to the Office for National Statistics, about half of U.K. Internet users go online using mobile phones. This means that if your emails are not optimised for mobiles you may be not getting heard by half of your potential clients. EMarketer reported that only 22% of marketers actually use free email templates that are optimised for mobile devices.

If you don’t want to miss out on hundreds of marketing opportunities, get optimised for mobile phones right now. Here’s what you can start with.

Keep subject lines short

Shorter subject lines are a real game changer in mobile marketing. In subject lines that are no longer than 15 characters, the most relevant information comes first.

Use images carefully

Not only desktop email receivers have a hard time with image blocking. In fact, iOS is the only mobile operating system that doesn’t block images by default. Try to use images very carefully adding enough HTML optimised copy.

Check the email text version

You want the recipient to be able to open your email no matter what device they are using, right? Make sure you cover all the customers, even those who can only read text. Fortunately, in most marketing automation apps you can get both text and HTML emails. Remember to edit the text version so that text is visible and links work.

Scale it

Unfortunately, most mobile operating systems don’t zoom to fit emails to the width of the screen. Obviously, not all users are going to resize and scroll right and left to be able to see your message. You have to reduce email width for them. In most cases, it’s advisable to stay between 500-600 pixels wide.

Keep content relevant

Of course, this is a golden rule for email deliverability and communication, yet it’s even more important for mobile marketing. Remember that most users check their emails on the go, so they won’t scroll to find relevant details if you don’t get to the point straight away.

Make the call to action visible

In the mobile version of email, it’s essential to make the call to action strong. “Put the call to action front and centre, and don’t be afraid to make the button big,” Litmus marketing experts recommend. Make sure the call to action is easy to follow. Remember to remove all Flash, JavaScript and pop-up windows from both the email and the landing page to allow quick mobile access.

Make targets bigger

Mobile users usually hold their devices in one hand using the thumb to navigate. Make font sizes, button sizes and line spacing bigger giving users a lot of breathing room. Ensure that all elements are viewable on all mobile devices and tablets.

As many customers access the web using mobile devices, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to connect with them using custom email templates.