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HTC One X : Features, Review & More

HTC is one brand whose all devices have a same look with a certain uniqueness in its own way. This ability of HTC makes its devices easily recognizable even when looked from far. Now let us explore the new HTC One X and see how it is similar yet very different from the previous model One S.


The phone has a magnificent 4.7 inch screen size and a thin profile of 8.9mm. The sturdiness of HTC One X gives a fantastic grip in hand and the light weight makes it a treat to hold for hours. The hard buttons and jacks are placed in a way apart from cliché placements, with the earpiece being in the body shell on the top. Volume rocker is white in color and on the right side. It accepts micro-SIM whose tray is located on the back-top along with the power button placed units above it.a MHL- cable micro USB port is placed on the left. The camera is on the back and surrounded by an elegant silver ring with a little flash beside it thus giving a decent look to the phone even when viewed from the back.

The speaker provided is really good, along with Beats Audio enhancements inside the phone gives a very different feel of listening music epically with headphones. A little simple feature is the speaker mode automatically turns on if you turn the phone on its face while talking.

HTC One X comes with a 32 GB of internal memory with 26 GB of free space available to user. Dropbox has also come up with the scheme to give 25 GB of free space to users who configure their account in the device.

The phone comes to life using NVIDIA’s quad-core (plus one) Tegra 3 processor, clocking at 1.5 GHz. The processor has 1GB of RAMand runs on Android Beam functionality when certain IPS apps allow it


The display is amazing making a perfect video and image rendering possible due to 720P resolution providing a pixel density of 316 ppi on a Super LCD 2 panel 4.7 inch display. The viewing angles are great with the whites being whiter. The sun could play a big role in making the display unreadable but the increasing the brightness fixes it all making things easier to read and navigate.



The camera is the best feature, possibly making you fall in love with HTC One X. To use the device’s camera you don’t have to be a veteran photographer, being a novice you can also click great pictures. All the credit goes to 8 megapixel camera with backside illuminated sensor, an extra processor called ImageChip, autofocus lens and an exceptionally wide aperture f/2.0. The Panorama view is but an icing on the cake.

HTC One X camera has win my heart and mind because of its exceptionally good speed with a startup time of just .7 seconds and a mere .2 second shutter delay between the shots.

The other good things that comes bundled with the camera includes real-time filters, HDR, burst, panorama and slow motion video. Also, 8 megapixel wide screen images could be taken along with making a video. You can also take hold of HD frames from existing videos during playback thus you could never miss a great shot.

The real-time filters include customizable vignette and depth of field , Instagram etc. They can be applied to a picture while taking a shot or even afterwards. By far HTC One X has come up with the best image quality when compared to its competitors like iPhone 4S,Samsung Galaxy Note.

Video quality is among the best which comes in phone at a resolution of 1080 p having 30 frames per second . Slow motion videos could also be taken easily with a 480p widescreen resolution shooting at 60 fps and video playback at 24frames per second.

Performance and battery life

Era of quad core processor phones had begin and soon be bygone as HTC One X is the first Tegra 3 Smartphone and has made the phone’s performance exceptionally great. It is really great when comes to multitasking , no matter how many applications are running in background , you can still play your favorite game without even a hint of lack. Surfing the net is nothing but butter.

For me, battery life is a huge hit; I hardly charged the phone in 12 hours even after continuous usage. With magnificent 1800mAh battery you can easily expect 6 hours of video playback.


HTC’s screen customization, the Sense 4, goes very well with android 4.0.3 and you will surely enjoy the screen animations, wallpapers and lock screen styles. In a nutshell both ICS and Sense 4 seems to live in perfect harmony.



Well to be true, HTC is one gem of a phone and clearly a winner in Smartphone race. With stylish looks, android OS, an amazing camera, a great screen, exceptional battery performance and a really cool processing speed its is a must buy.