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7 Tips for Getting Most out of Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

It’s another social networking site, that has a unique idea for networking. It’s simple easy and fun, all you have to do is, pin all the things you like. Such as photos, videos, interests, etc. Your main page will be like a bulletin board, and your followers can view them. Pinterest lets you pin your interests and likes, you can also be creative and share it with everyone. Pinterest works like a virtual blog, and mostly popular in women. If you want to get most out of Pinterest, then follow the tips given below:

1. Standout

Standing Out does not literally mean standout, it means to stand out while fitting in with other. To be noticed you have to be unique, and there is a difference between different good, and different bad. Being unique makes you prominent, and when you are promoting a company, or your blog you have to be different. This will give you an advantage of being noticed, and you will get pinned. Check out why people are using Pinterest, and build your board according to that. The best and easiest way to standout is to be genuine.

2. Analyze your activities

This point’s specially for people using Pinterest for marketing purposes. Through analyzing you can decide how much time and money should be invested in this. There’s a service by the name of pintics, it helps you manage multiple accounts, and it monitors the amount of traffic. If you use the service pinreach, it will show you the most popular pinboards, ratings and scores, and trending pins. Pinpuff helps you track your score, and spy on your competition, as it only requires an email, and Pinterest username of anyone.

3. Appealing

Anything unappealing to the eye’s not preferred by anyone, mostly people judge things by looking at them. If the thing looks appealing people go for them without a doubt. Make sure that your board’s designed well, and you post quality content. When your board’s more appealing than others, people will like you and follow you, which will increase your network.

4. Get social

The ending point is that everyone wants more followers on Pinterest, it does not happen automatically. It’s more of a slowly progressing event, and requires an effort. As discussed before, about getting creative and being original. Your board need to be well-organized, and with catchy or funny titles. Another way is to help other people promote their stuff, like comment, and share their views. This will give out a friendly message and people will start to do the same for you. To get more followers, be sure you share your Pinterests on other social networking sites.

5. Updated

Keep in check with the growing trend, and hot topics for discussions. Also check for the most hot and happening thing going around on Pinterest. Keep changing your board, according to new trends, and things that will attract people’s attention. Pinterest offer you a facility called popular, it gives latest pin so you can redesign your board.

6. SEO

Pinterest’s gaining more popularity and users by the day, this means people are using it for SEO purposes. To get a higher ranking on search engines, you’d have to think of it as an linkable asset. The thing to do is check your site for any and all images that can be pinned. Look for things like infographics, graphs, charts, blog pictures, and covers of eBooks. When creating the board use keywords, and exact descriptions. An analysis said; there’s a way where each pin can get you three backlinks to your site.

7. Learn from the mistakes of others

As, pinterest’s growing, there are more and more ideas everyday out there for you to look at and learn. If necessary take notes, on different works done by others. Success is repeatable, for example, if someone’s succeeding for an idea, then there’s a chance that you will succeed too by using that idea.

The best way to learn about Pinterest's to start using it. You can read as much as you like to about it, but when you start to use it the experience will be much different from what you expect. When you are using Pinterest make sure you keep these tips in mind as they will help you grow. These tips will surely help you as you will have some idea of what you are getting into.