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Facebook Timeline Cover Generator

According developers Athena IT Limited, it need not take hours of your time or a need to part with your hard earned money in order for you to make your own distinctive Facebook timeline cover. Indeed owner of a new Facebook cover designer suggests that his app “effortlessly and seamlessly create a distinctive Facebook cover.”

Whilst the Facebook timeline cover generator by Athena IT Limited does indeed simplify the process of designing and making your own unique Facebook cover in this authors view the application is still a work in progress since its launch last month. At the time of writing the combinations are somewhat limited as to what the Facebook timeline cover generator can do, however, the app is robustly built and can easily handle hundreds of combinations. However, a timeline cover enthusiast may be left wanting more.

Without further introduction, let me dive deeper into the functionality and benefits of Athena IT Limited’s Generator app for Facebook timeline covers:

What Does It Do? 

Put simply, the app lets you select from a variety of characters, facial features and background imaginary in order for you to generate an amalgamated image to use as your Facebook timeline cover.

What Are The Limitations? 

Users are limited by the stock images that the authors of this generator app have added. You are not able to introduce your own images or those from third party websites.

What Does It Cost? 

The app is free to use, the only limitation is that you may not distribute the image in any form other than that for your Facebook timeline cover.

How Does It Generate Facebook Time Line Covers? 

It’s quite simple really; you simply select the images and attributes that you like from a variety of categories – e.g. clothing, nose, mouth etc. and the tool builds a merged image ready for you to use as your timeline Cover on your Facebook page.

How Long Does It Take To Generate a Cover?

Well, it really depends on how selective you are – you can make a cover within a minute if you wanted to, or spend as long as 10 minutes. The design process is a What You See Is What You Get Process with no technical design knowledge required.

Is It Easy To Add On My Facebook Page? 

Yes, once you’ve finished the design process you simply click a button to add it to your Facebook profile. You’ll need to login to your Facebook page though.

What Technical Knowledge Is Required? 

This Facebook Cover designer application requires no prior design knowledge or coding ability, it’s “plug and play.”

To close, Facebook Timeline Cover Generator is a simple and easy to use application that will benefit many Facebook users even though at the time of writing it has a limited amount of options and customizations.