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Samsung’s Incredible Art Piece - Participate in the Guinness World Record Attempt

Samsung has always come up with healthy ideas be it the development of smartphones or electronics But this time it has created a vantage point, with its promise to be with fans, this event is for all the creative Samsung fans out there. It has come up with initiative for us being the pride of India. Here’s your chance to be a part of a part of Guinness world record attempt.

With the announcement of the launch of 'Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece', Samsung has brought all of us a Golden opportunity to represent India. This will be an attempt to create digital art piece and challenge the Guinness World Record artists for the title in creating single art piece.

The beautiful Genelia D’Souza along with very creative Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra issued forth 'Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece' at Select City Walk Mall in New Delhi.

The reality check tells us the current world record is in the name of Great Britain which has 201,958 contributions. As a part of Children & the Arts' self-portraiture project, 200,000 children from across UK came to Buckingham Palace making up a record established in April 2012.

Samsung’s 'Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece' initiative is a warm invitation to all the residents of India to join together as one and participate by contributing their imaginations and creations for the mega art piece work. Participants will be having a number of options to fully express themselves and be a part of history in the making.

To make your contributions and participation, click here. By entering into the web portals an online app will help you to create a masterpiece and it could be submitted digitally. People who would like to participate can also visit their nearest Samsung Smartphone Café, Samsung Digital Plazas or Samsung Experience zone, where with the help of Samsung Galaxy Note II they could create an art piece and submit online. Further you could also create your design offline, scan and email it through Samsung.com. Samsung Galaxy Note II users could also create their masterpiece using the ‘S Note’ application and submit online.

Although multiple entries could be submitted but for official Guinness World Records attempt only one entry per person/ unique email id will be accepted.

Samsung claims to have already registered more than 50,000 artists, more are joining every moment.So let’s come forward together as one nation and break the record of 201,958. I have created my masterpiece @Samsung’s Facebook page, will you come and join me to represent India and create history?

Don’t hesitate call your friends or blog, tweet, ping, email and be a part of ‘Samsung Galaxy Note II The Incredible Art-piece’.

Participate in the Guinness World Record Attempt

You can also participate using the widget below, use scrolling to view complete widget.