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Samsung’s Incredible Art Piece World Record Established !

As you already know about Samsung’s great initiative “The Incredible Art-piece campaign”, there is a great update for all. Your contributions towards the campaign have shown great results. We have crossed 201948 artists contribution and broke the earlier record and credits to reach the same goes to all the Indians.

If you still haven’t given part of your contributions to history in the making, then grab a sketch book, login to Facebook or go to samsung.com/in/incredibleart/ and let your imaginations flow.

Why participate now ?

Make an unbreakable record ! We broke the earlier record but let's keep the limit high for another attempt to break record set by us.

By entering into the web portals an online app will help you to create a masterpiece and it could be submitted digitally. People who would like to participate can also visit their nearest Samsung Smartphone Café, Samsung Digital Plazas or Samsung Experience zone, where with the help of Samsung Galaxy Note II they could create an art piece and submit online. Further you could also create your design offline, scan and email it through Samsung.com. Samsung Galaxy Note II users could also create their masterpiece using the ‘S Note’ application and submit online. Although only one entry per person/ unique email id will be accepted but you can create multiple creations and one will be submitted.

To know more about the campaign have a look at the video here.

There are also incredible prizes waiting for you and you can win Galaxy Note II. We congratulate the two winners of Week 1 and Week 2 , and below are the winning entries.

Samsung has also declared a list of top ten contributors and all have incredible creations. Check the slideshow below to view their marvelous creations.

Don’t miss your chance and be a part of Guinness World record official attempt, spread the news among your friends and get yourself certified Guinness World record attempter.

You can also participate using the widget below, use scrolling to view complete widget.