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Social Network for Tattoos !

What is TattooSet? 

It is a social network of Tattoos. With a simple and dynamic, where you can see photos of the tattoos that rise registered users of the site, and the set of tattoos that have the tattoo.

In tattooset.com can move around the tattoos that are of interest through related images or tags. We can choose by color tattoos and even also by body location. For example, if we find star tattoos, we also seek just stars in red and located on the ankle, or the body part you want.

What does it do?

The main function is to bring together tattoos all over the rising Internet users worldwide and in all languages ​​best ideas for making us a tattoo.

A very important detail is that there are many excellent tattoos designs, and if you saw that picture from a user who is a tattooist, we get the data from his study to contact that person. Besides being able to make a constant search for images, we can become friends of users and share the same interests. Comment and save favorite images of tattoos from other users. We may also have followers and follow others to rise when a new tattoo in the "friends" on our profile, listen every rose tattoos which users are following.

Good choice for users?

Because there are thousands of sites that charge a monthly fee so you can log in and view thousands of photos and ideas of tattoos so you can print it and take it to your tattoo artist, totally opposite happens in case tattooset.com, since users are the share tattoos for other people to get ideas or the like for free. Registration is free, fast and easy and you can upload as many photos as necessary. My user in tattooset.com is Dana (Anyone who wants can add me to your favorites).

"They" dominate the category

60 to 70% of registered users are women, and also dominate the category searches (eg, tattoos for women, love quotes, heart tattoos, star tattoos, etc). And users of tattooset.com hover between 24 and 37 years of age.