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3 Best Android Navigation Apps

The user of android smartphone has learnt to spend a smart life since a lot of applications make him nothing but a smart guy. When it comes to navigation then he loves to uses the android maps applications. He doesn’t need to carry a page map with him when he has an android smart phone with him. If you are planning to download android navigation application for your handset ,then I suggest you to first read about 3 best applications of navigation and then to pick one ,which you like the most.

1. MapQuest:

When you have a desire to enjoy a turn by turn navigation, you should install MapQuest. No doubt, this application comes with best GPS navigation features. No matter you need a walk or travel guide, it helps you in the best manner. Your smartphone will speak to you and guide you all the time. Sometimes you get a wrong turn but thanks to Auto re-Route feature of this application, it will set your route in the map in such a way that you will reach to your destination without any kind of problem.

2. Google Maps

Another Android navigation application, which adds comfort into your driving, walking and traveling experience, is nothing but Google Maps. You are in a position to access details maps with 3D buildings, indoor maps of your selected places such as hotels, stores, airports, etc. A voice guided turn by turn GPS navigation will make it simple for the users to find the best route to his destination. Whether you want to locate a closest good place for lunch or have a desire to get an idea of your exact location, Google maps is always ready to guide you effectively.

3. Waze

No doubt, Waze is regarded the best android maps application. It allows you to get the direction of your destination in an easy manner. I really like its social feature which makes it possible for you to report accidents, speed traps, police activity, constructions, etc. Another good feature of this application is that it re-plots your course incase your smartphone crashes or there is something wrong with your Waze application.

Now it’s time to select one application and start getting turn by turn navigation guide on your android phone.