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Good Marketing Tools: Email Marketing

The word “marketing” quite obviously comes from the word “market”. Traditionally a market would be a communal place where people would come together to buy and sell wares – typically in a town center  Of course, nowadays the word has branched out to have many different meanings, but at is core the principle remains the same – marketing is the selling of wares, products or services. And to do it you need people. No matter the platform markets, and thus marketing, must always at its heart be a communal thing. There are many different ways to do marketing, each with their own pros and cons. Email marketing is a fairly new invention in the grand scheme of things. It's young, but that doesn't make it any the worse. In many ways the youth of email marketing is one of the best things about it. It's a good marketing tool. It's a fantastic marketing tool, even, and you really should be checking it out in the near future if you haven't already.

The most obvious benefit of email marketing is the fact that it is done via email. It's a unique aspect of email marketing that simply cannot be covered by any other form of marketing. If it was, then that form of marketing would also be email marketing, and it would not be different. A person's email inbox is a personal space, so if they're kind enough to let you in by subscribing to a subscriber's list then that's an immediate plus right off the bat. Also, when someone is checking their inbox they have a certain level of attentiveness towards what they’re looking at than if they just happened a bill board on East 85th Street. Email marketing can put you in an intimate space, and if that space is treated with respect in your marketing campaign – by not being annoying and by targeting your marketing to those who are interested and those who you can help out – you can create a relationship with the people you're marketing towards that you can't really get out of other sorts of marketing.

One of the most effective forms of email marketing is when your aim from the marketing campaign is to get people to perform a certain action on the internet. Because email is on the internet, the dynamic between email and internet actions is a massive opportunity you can take advantage of. For instance, you could encourage people via email to “like” a page on Facebook. Because they're on the internet already the effort to do so is minimal, and they are much more likely to like your page than if they got a leaflet through the mail. It's also neat because actions like this on the internet can increase your brand awareness – without you having to do anything. It's your subscribers that actually recommend you via social networking or send email suggestions to their friends to join your list. It's like a domino effect.

Email marketing is a terrific tool in the 21st century, as it really uses a unique internet-geared approach that can't be emulated elsewhere. It's a great tool to look at in this modern age, and it reaches people in an easy way that is easy for them to take up action on your suggestions. You can create a good relationship with your subscribers via the email inbox that can really make you feel like an asset to them. It's probably one of the best ways of marketing at the moment from an asset-sense. So get out there and send some emails – you'll probably end up making a lot of peoples' days