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Runs 80% of Windows Apps on Your Mac - WinOnX

If you are a Mac user or have recently switched to Mac OS then this is a recommended post for you to read. Although you might be enjoying your Macintosh but there are some Windows features and applications which every Mac user misses due to non-compatibility.

Now you can enjoy all these windows apps using an application called WinOnX, from the app store that allows non compatible Windows applications to run on your Mac OS X operating system as if they were already a part of it. So if you find any windows application that is not working or slow on Mac OSX you can run WinOnX and seamlessly work with your application.

Steps to run your windows application

  1. Download WinOnX ($4.99) from Mac App store onto a Mac computer with OS X 10.6 operating system.
  2. Download the Windows application to run.
  3. Browse the program and double-click on it to install it through WinOnX.
  4. When installed it could be run on your Mac system.

What’s Good?

The best thing about WinOSX is the speed at which you could be running your windows application. Windows version of Firefox took less than two minutes to run after it was downloaded in my system.

The loading of programs in WinOSX is also quite easy, you can just use the drag and drop facility to load your exe into WinOSX and it will take care of the rest.It also stores the list of programs that you have used, so next time if you want to use the same application there is no need to drag and drop the exe again.

It also comes with a great facility to be extremely cheap, being currently available for $4.99.


WinOSX seems to be great software at an affordable price and I feel in coming time, it will be a must software for all mac users. WinOnX 1.5 is available on Feb 21st 2013, until then WinOnX 1.4 is listed in the App Store.

WinOnX Demonstration Video