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Technology in Super Bowl: The Commercials You Shouldn’t Forget

Even if you don’t like commercials interrupting your shows most of the year, the Super Bowl ads are a different story. Almost everyone looks forward to what companies will put out each year. With great cinematography, high-tech production, and great scripting, these commercials are the best of the best.

Get Ready to Cry

If you are looking for the best ads with an emotional script, there are many to choose from. A lot of ads this year took the emotional approach.
  • ‘Farmer’ by Ram – What is a farmer? All you have to do is listen to this commercial to know that farmers are much more than most people give them credit for. The pictures used are honest and emotional. The little touches that have been added, such as moving fog on a still picture of a horse enhance the overall message of the ad.
  • ‘Whole Again’ by Jeep – Following families of soldiers, this ad is all about a soldier coming home after deployment. After watching this heart-wrenching story, it’s clear that Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge is reminding us that families and the country can be whole again.
  • ‘Brotherhood’ by Budweiser – If you have ever had a pet that meant as much to you as your family, this commercial is sure to touch a nerve. From colt and little boy to adult and full-grown horse, the two in this ad have grown up together. Positive, strong emotion is the backbone of this ad.

Laugh a Little

Super Bowl ads have long been known to be fun and silly. This year did not disappoint.
  • ‘Morning Run’ by Milk – Have you ever ran out of milk at the wrong time? In this ad, you see The Rock chasing a milk truck to get milk for his little girl’s breakfast. As he goes, it seems like the world is falling apart. He leaves it all behind, but after he gets home with the milk, he decides it’s time to go fight the aliens that have invaded the planet.
  • ‘Whisper Fight’ by Oreo - The fight inspired by Oreos is as old as the cookies themselves. Which is better – the cookie or the cream? Of course, it’s unlikely your fights will get as intense as the one in the ad, which includes bookshelves being pushed over, a cop car breaking through a wall, and everyone whispering because they are in a library.

Let’s Get High Tech

Some of the ads this year included high tech editing and production. Whether the effects used are intense or the product itself is technical, these ads are sure to please.
  • ‘Z10’ by Blackberry - The effects that are used in the ad are fun and different. It’s not something you see every day – at least you didn’t before the Super Bowl. From CG flames to a truck bursting into rubber duckies, the commercial is a conglomerate of effects to inspire you to go ‘wow!’
  • ‘Asking Amy’ by Best Buy – Gadgets and gizmos are the focus of this ad. With a variety of questions, Amy Poehler helps Best Buy show off the variety of high-tech products they carry.
With so many ads in this year’s Super Bowl, it’s hard to pick a favorite. What do you prefer – funny, tech, or emotional?