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STRATA Master - Body Corporate Software

Body Corporate Managers could result into very expensive approach. This overhead could be avoided if your committee comprise of right members with appropriate skillset. STRATA Master can help you in managing your Body Corporate affairs no matter what approach you follow. It is a cheap and must for your Body Corporate committee as it will bring down your overheads to a great extent

Ease of Use

The confidence shown by STRATA Master’s developers is commendable and genuine. STRATA Master improves the efficiency and reduces the overall work effort. You will keep aside your worries of printing documents and labels as STRATA Master gives you options like email or post communications for your owners. A reminder of committee meeting will be just an SMS away. It further is able to automatically email the notices to owners while posting the same information to non-email enabled owners.

Ease of Access

STRATA Master is a perfect body corporate software and is easily accessible from any internet enabled environment which gives the flexibility to tasks getting completed on the move.

Highly Automated

Using STRATA Master allows installments to be automatically generated and sent (by post, email or both) while Penalties and Discounts too are automatically calculated and applied. There are no challenges to process cash as simple cash accounting system is used to support payments and receipts. Further STRATA Master also supports maximum five separate bank accounts. A standard set of accounts could be maintained for Administration and Sinking funds are and they could be further added or deleted on need. Budgets and End of Financial Year statements are easily generated.

Continuity and Consistency

STRATA Master do not restrict to one person while more than a person could participate your administration of Body Corporate. This functionality also gives an added feature for office bearers’ smooth transition. Their structured and streamlined approach ensures records are correctly entered using a consistent format.

Secure Environment

Office bearers are main source on which many voluntary organizations rely for proper maintenance of their records. These are basically paper based but now simple office tools like excel sheets or databases on client’s personal computer. Personal computers are vulnerable to web attacks which might lead their data go in wrong hands or may be data corruption. Not only web but also physical attacks like Fire, water etc may damage both electronic and paper data.

Here is when STRATA Master comes into picture as it efficiently eliminates all the above mentioned security problems. All the records are stored in robust server hosted in their data center. Backup of this information is automatic within the server environment while users also have flexibility to make local backups.


STRATA Master keeps accurate records of the original owners, immediate past owners, tenants, reserved decisions, exclusive use, assets etc. It also generates compliance reports that assess your records against the state enabling legislation (Queensland only at this time).


STRATA Master has the capability define privileges which restricts a user to see records of any other person. Alternatively, owners can access a subset of only those stakeholder details who has provided them authority to do so. All email correspondence is sent maintaining full privacy of other user’s email address.