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Five Ways to Make Office Security More Efficient

If you are in charge of office security, more than likely you are constantly looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your operation without exceeding your budget. Luckily, advances in security camera technology and access control products are making office security easier to manage and less expensive than ever before.

High Definition Security Cameras

Technological advances in the security camera industry have led to the development of inexpensive high definition cameras with built-in IR arrays that are capable of capturing detailed images at full HD video resolutions, even in low light conditions. Additionally, some cameras are now motion controlled and offer improved weather resistance for more reliable coverage of parking areas and entryways. Like so many other things today, wireless HD cameras can send images over a wireless network allowing you to monitor multiple feeds remotely from a single monitoring station, or DVR; eliminating the need to run wires or plan line of sight configurations for infrared connections.

Hidden or Tamper-proof Cameras

Hidden cameras come in a variety of creative form factors these days, including many common office-appropriate objects like wall clocks, power supplies, ceiling speakers or even thermostats. Intruders often overlook these unobtrusive devices while they attempt to disable more obvious surveillance devices. Many of these devices offer tamper-protection and also work well in office areas where employees process sensitive information or valuable materials.

HDCCTV Systems

The latest high-definition CCTV systems offer a superior combination of affordability, ease of use and simplified installation. Most HDCCTV systems offer "plug and play" installation, and many systems work with existing coaxial cable, so there is no need to worry about rewiring. Consider adding high definition cameras to sensitive areas to supplement existing analog systems, or upgrade cameras over time to suit your budget.

Access Control

While not new, access control monitoring systems have become more affordable and offer employers the ability to manage multiple doors and entry areas through a single portal. The best systems allow easy configuration from a secure web browser, enabling you to make changes to suit current conditions. Software provides alerts for anomalies such as employees or materials in unexpected locations, while dual-purpose access cards function as employee ID's as well as access devices.

Wireless Networks

Hard-wired systems are expensive to install and difficult to reconfigure as business needs change. Wireless networks allow you to combine multiple types of devices covering both indoor and outdoor areas. Re-configuring a wireless security network is as simple as repositioning a camera or device, so they work well for rapidly growing businesses. Furthermore, wireless networks can share a single recording device, such as a hybrid DVR or NVR, and eliminate the need for expensive wiring, offering additional cost savings.

Office security is more important than ever, and major advances in camera resolution, reliability, and installation help ensure that you can provide coverage wherever you need it. HDCCTV and access control devices provide businesses with the tools they need to provide simple, cost-effective and efficient security for customers and employees alike.

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