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Windows Applications for Education

Today you won’t find single aspect and dimension of human life that is not influenced and shaped by path-breaking technology backed by smart phones and tablets. And the field of education, in my mind, by far remains the highest beneficiary of smart phone and tablet technology. Today there are thousands of applications that have made education more interactive and fun activity. This article will tell you about some of the best windows applications for education. If you’re a windows user and you’re looking for some cool educational applications for your kids or to enhance your own knowledge then you’ve come to right place.


sCoolTV is really cool video based application. What makes it cool is that it gives you rich & interactive video contents on some really cool topics like photography, wildlife, astronomy etc. sCoolTv is especially for those who want to use their leisure time to enhance their knowledge on their hobbies and favorite subjects.

Math Remainder Challenge

A great application for all those who want to sharpen their mathematical skills. The application has rich collection of math demo tests which will enhance your kid’s ability to crack mathematical problems and equations.

Wikipedia Mobile

Wikipedia doesn’t need any introduction at all. Wikipedia site gives you accurate information on anything and everything – right from famous celebrities, current affairs to history & geography etc. Wikipedia mobile is an application specially designed for windows. This application will surely be a boon for all those who want to continuously update their knowledge on current affairs.

Animated Pocket Dictionary of Cardiology

This application is absolutely great for all those who are pursuing MBBS or specialization in cardiology. This application gives more than 100 cardiology and medical terms explained and illustrated by ife-like 3D animation. This is a great application for all those medical students who want to bring some fun element into their studies.

History today

A great application for all the history freaks out there. Once you download this application you’ll receive 3 important events that happened on the same day of the year. Go for this application if you are curious student of history.

Animal card

This is a great application for all those parents who want to enhance their kid’s knowledge about wildlife animals. This application displays card size photos of all wild animals that you can think of. It will help your children learn animal names and sounds too. The application also has inbuilt test to test your child’s progress.

Online education

This is a video based application that provides you rich and accurate content on literally every subject – right from physics, chemistry & computer science to astronomy & web designing. And there are other hosts of thing that this application allows you to do: taking quizzing and reviewing your answers, keeping track of your favorite videos, automatically downloads new subjects. This application is a must have for all the academic students.

English Idioms

Are you looking to broaden your knowledge on English language, then this application is for you. This application provides you with all the popular and well known idioms that exist in the English language world. And each idiom is explained with examples to help you understand better.