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Cloud Storage Continues To Gain Momentum In 2013

Some popular cloud storage services gained attention last year, but since then a lot of new services have popped up both for business and personal use. While some of you may place cloud storage as an expensive option for backing up data, the increase in competition between companies providing this storage option has introduced affordable options for consumers and businesses alike.
There are several benefits of using cloud storage services like the ones provided by LSI and others. Businesses and individuals can access their data from any remote location, and also attain a piece of mind that their stored data is saved in different locations. Technological advancements have been made to improve cloud solutions, making them more affordable and attractive as well.

Before the advancements, cloud storage was considered just like any other online backup solution for storing files and retrieving them for later use. With integrated with sophisticated tools like APIs, businesses and consumers now find it as scalable and useful as they’re able to access their files from anywhere virtually.

The security used in cloud storage solutions has increased by leaps and bounds as well. As most of the structure is based on uniformity, it allows for higher security management tasks to be carried out such as testing for vulnerabilities, audits for security, control of configuration, and the patching of different components used on the platform.

Businesses big in size used to rely on native facilities for making sure that their databases keep running and are optimized for different tasks, and for the purpose, they usually allocate a bigger budget for the IT sector. With cloud solutions, their costs have gone down as they can turn towards the team of cloud solution providers and use most of their services.

Businesses are also saving in terms of having to spend less to buy physical space in different countries as they’re able to extend their presence globally with cloud service providers.

Business owners and employees are now able to access important company information and data and work in real-time from any remote location in the world. This is also saving companies from paying residence and other costs of calling employees from far off locations to work in their offices as they can now be hired and ask to work directly from their native countries.

Service errors are usually resolved by a single e-mail or phone call to the cloud solution provider, which is reducing the need for extra staff to deal with IT-related issues. As the technology and service continues to grow, seamless communication is expected between the storage provider and the customer.

The capacity of the storage also continues to expand by large numbers. Some mega organizations like Facebook are storing large petabytes of data each day. This has allowed even individuals to extend their global reach and market themselves or their products and services, from the comfort of their homes as all their data is stored online and is accessible by whoever they want.

Cloud storage is gaining momentum. Internet Service Providers are increasing in number and they are offering high speed internet at low costs. Cloud storage needs a continuous internet connect and ISPs like Sky Fiber gives you great connection for all your cloud storage needs. If the progress continues, the capacity of storage and customer service of providers will improve while the cost for consumers and businesses will decline further in the future.