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Laptops Vs Tablets : Which One is for You ?

When Laptops entered the computer market they were considered the most portable and easy to compute. But technology is never a way down, anytime or any day. With the tablet technology coming into effect, people are reportedly replacing their laptops with tablet.

You may wonder what made tablet PC gain popularity in a short span of time. Here we go with some of the points, Light weight, Multi touch, Handwriting recognition using special pen, Excellent E-book reading, Powerful network tools, Use in meetings, Convenience during Travel and many more. These features may resemble some of Laptop’s and PC’s but tablet has its unique style. Let’s flip through some of the benefits which makes them appealing.


Tablet PC’s score on account of their lightness of weight. Tablets are by far more portable than laptops, especially with respect to weight. On average, tablets weigh under 0.8 kg, whilst laptops tend to weigh 2.3 kg and up. This can be laid flat on the working surface and it makes a clear view on any angle you keep. Reaching for a tablet to surf the web for a quick access with bigger screen compared to smartphone is always a highlight. The hands-on approach provides a more tactile experience than a mouse for drawing and illustrating.


The Tablet PC provides everything you expect in a mobile PC, in a form that allows you to be productive in
more situations—at your desk, in the hallway, at a meeting, or on the go. Here are some of the most appealing quick productive works done by Tablet PC,
  1. Whether you're in class or in a meeting, you can quickly jot down notes—from mathematical Formulas to flow charts. You can reorganize your notes and search them later. You can synchronize your notes with audio recordings and presentations
  2. Express yourself with your own handwriting. Personalize messages to friends, family and others. With Microsoft Office Outlook, you can send handwritten notes, drawings, and even add your handwritten signature to the end of your e-mails
  3. Using Tablet and Pen Settings controls, you can customize your Tablet PC: Calibrate your pen, optimize your Tablet PC for left- or right-handed operation, and program your Tablet PC’s hardware buttons to complete specific actions, such as opening an application or changing screen orientation from landscape to portrait.
These capabilities combined with wireless network support give you greater mobility and immediate access to the full power of your PC.


With tablets being the current trend, professionals and starters are developing apps on multiple OS especially Android. Apps work depending on device portability as well which in turn makes tablet extremely versatile. Downloading and installing an app from the play store is an easy process in Tablet PC’s compared to cumbersome process of installing something on your Laptop which deals with registration codes and product keys.

Battery Life

Main reason people prefer Tablet over Laptop is because of the Battery Life. Laptop can max give backup of 2.5 – 3 hours of battery life where as a Tablet PC can work for a complete day with full usage.

The Bottom Line

Prediction of Tablet vs Laptop sales in Future

From the above discourse, we can’t inherently conclude which is best, either Laptop or Tablet. If we think of making a purchase, we have to plan and then decide the extent to which each device is best suited to meet those needs. When compared with tablets, Laptops have great processing power and a broad range of built-in functionality. On the other hand tablets are suited for simple requirements like surfing, movie watching etc. The market is growing at an exponential rate and it’s up to the user to decide and make a right choice.

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