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Cutting Edge Kitchen Appliances for You

In the modern world consumers are highly attracted to innovative products which offers maximum convenient options to carry on with their day to day requirements. With just few inventive upgrades, you can breathe new life into your cooking area while still maintaining a budget. We will take a look at some of the cool products to transform your old kitchen into a coveted cooking space.

1) The Internet- Enabled Refrigerator

Internet refrigerators, also called Net Fridges, are basically refrigerators with connection to the internet. It has been programmed to sense what kind of products are being stored inside and can keep track of the stock through barcode. It also gives a notification about expiring foods which is must needed in our busy modern world. You have popular applications like Memo writing, Calendar scheduling (which is very much needed for meal planning), surfing online and personal recipes, listening to music and others.

2) The Bottom Freezer refrigerator

You may wonder what’s so special in bottom freezer refrigerators but there are many special things which makes them so appealing. Full width shelf design keeps fresh foods at your fingertips, large door storage space that holds multiple gallon sized containers, Climate controlled compartments for fresh fruits and vegetables, Items in the freezer are easy to access especially for Kids, Door can be converted to swing towards either direction.

3) Self-Dispensing Dishwashers

This has a built-in reservoir which actually does the work for you. This bottle sized reservoir dispenses the right amount of detergent each time when you turn it on. So, no worries about detergent dispensing on dishwashers.

4) Microwave drawers

The microwave drawer is made by Sharp. They own the patent. Deep drawers and fewer upper cabinets allow for more open feel and light. Extra deep drawers provide more storage space that’s much easier to access. Microwave drawer can be reached by each member of your family.

5) Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktop uses Electromagnetism (Electromagnetic Induction principle) to heat the cookware whereas other stoves heat food indirectly by applying an open flame to the bottom of cookware. The end result is more evenly heated food and cooler cooktop. Induction cooking is twice efficient than electric or natural gas cooking and that is the reason this induction cooktops are a way up in the current market trend.

6) Steam Assist Ovens

Steam Assist ovens cook food using a concept called Convection heating which reduce steam needed for basting, misting and water bathing. The final result is better tasting food and faster cooking process. Based on the dish type you enter in the keypad, these ovens which are computerized and electronically controlled releases the needed amount of steam. Practical cooking is what is being followed here.

7) Oven Refrigerators

This combines two most incompatible kitchen appliances – it’s an oven that acts like a fridge as well. The unique oven allows you to prepare a dish, place it in the oven where it keeps cool all day to begin cooking at a pre-programmed time so that dinner's ready when you get home. This includes a convection system that delivers up to 30% faster cooking times and it will keep food cool for up to 24 hours before it begins cooking.

These products are driven by innovation and lot of engineers have spent lot of time to design and implement these products. Obviously, these products would be expensive and might cost you a bomb. The best way to shop kitchen appliances is by getting discounts using voucher codes.