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Technology that Helps You Stay Connected With Your Favorite Sports Teams

It is that time of year again, the 2013 baseball season is getting started and it couldn’t be a better time to be a fan. This year, more than any other, sports fans can stay connected with their favorite teams in the most convenient and engaging way, no matter where they are and all thanks to technology and social media. Technology in this social media world is providing fans all around the world the opportunity and the convenience to stay up to date with news, scores and highlights. Teams are taking full advantage of this growing trend and utilizing it to their advantage. Here are a few devices and social media networks that are leading the way in keeping you on top of your game.

Get the Latest on Your Smartphone

Let’s start off by taking a look at some devices just about everyone has, the smart phone. There are a number of benefits to owning a smart phone such as keeping up with the latest sports news. Want the latest Atlanta Braves stats? Apps like ESPN and SportsTap can keep you informed about any sports team. What makes the smartphone so valuable is no matter where you are you can access any information you want through your browser or through the countless apps the smartphone has to offer. If you prefer to see a game live, you can even purchase those Atlanta Braves Tickets on your smartphone. There is no need to be on the sofa staring desperately into the television for the latest update or even type away on a keyboard, the smartphone allows for a quick sports update whenever you need it.

Sports News and What Your Ipad Can Offer

The iPad has similar benefits as the smartphone. They both use apps to create a custom experience only provided on these type of devices. What is there not to like about the iPad? Some may say the connect ability is not as reliable on the iPad as on the smartphone but with everything there are pros and cons. Have you seen the screen on an iPad? That beats any smartphone screen. Many apps available on the iPad create a higher rate of engagement with its users. Apps like Fanatix, ESPNcricinfo and NBAtv bring the app experience to another level. Sports fans that use the iPad and the apps available on it can testify to how amazing the iPad is.

Social Media and Sports Talk

Beyond all the countless apps sports fans can use to follow their team, there are also a number of social media sites available for all sports fans. Sports teams and fans alike, have joined millions of others in communicating on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. When you follow your favorite sports team on any social media site, fans really open the door to receiving the latest updates on your newsfeed. Social media is a great platform for fans to really get involved with their favorite teams.