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Weekend Mobile Game Recommendations

Folks, it is that time of the week when you escape from the cubicles of your workspace only to be confined in the cubicles generated by your mobile devices. Whether you are on a family trip, out camping with your kids, or on a date, you are bound to use your mobile phones. We know that you don’t have time to try each and every game released the past week and so we have decided to hand pick some of the best games launched recently.

This week, we will focus on some of physical retro games from the previous century which has now found new life as smartphone games.

So here goes, this week’s top 4 retro games !

1. 4 Pics 1 Word (For Android) - Free

This is one game that has been setting the charts on fire recently. While there are numerous versions of this game out there on Play, this is by far the most popular and polished game of them all.

The game is based on the popular card puzzle game where you have to guess the word based on the pictorial hints. Player is shown 4 pictures and you are expected to guess the word which is common to all 4 pictures. There are hints that the player can use if they are not able to guess the word.

The reason for this game being so popular is its simplicity and frictionless user flow. You are not asked to register or navigate through a complicated user interface.

So if you are looking for a game with your family, then this is the perfect weekend game for you.


2. Aqua Frenzy (For Android) - Free

This game is guaranteed to resonate with anybody who grew up in the 90s and had the physical water pressure game where you had to put rings on a hook or balls in a basket. The toy had a button which creates an upward water jet and you had to tilt it to control the gravity. While the game sounds easy, it can be super challenging, specially when you have to put the right colored rings to the right hooks

Aqua Frenzy for Android recreates the same experience and the same fun over 60 very well designed levels. There is a pressure pad at the bottom of the screen which will create the upward thrust and the tilt function of the phone will control the gravity.

So go ahead, relive a piece of your childhood or introduce your child to a game form your era which they will simple love!

Currently only for Android, iPhone users, don’t despair. The developers have submitted the iOS version and it should be live by next weekend. Watch this space for updates.


3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Play Store - INR 277/-
iTunes - INR 270/-

If you went to college in the early 2000’s, then a lot of your fond memories would be to spend countless hours in front of your desktop (yes! we used to own one back then), playing Vice City. It was one of the first Hollywood blockbuster experience that you could control. Loosely based on the movie Scarface, you play your way to the top of the criminal pile in the fictional Vice City, again based on Miami.
Vice City is an open world action-adventure game, where you could move around anywhere in the city, but have to complete missions to unlock new areas and continue the storyline. Players can steal vehicles, use guns and pretty much create as much chaos in the game as they want. This is one aspect of the game which is the most fun. The mobile version has all the elements which made the desktop version so much fun to play.

I will not spoil your fun by going too much in detail, but if you are a fan of the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) style of games, carry this one on your mobile device. So the next time you have road rage because of some stupid jerk on the road, take it out in the game and not in the real world.

Available for both iOS and Android devices.


4. NBA Jam - iTunes 

Before the iOS fans crib that I am featuring way too many Android games, here is one just for you i-lovers. This one is straight from the early 90s, reborn on iOS, thanks to EA. Your character will reach the atmosphere with his dunks,and if he gets 3 in a row, will catch fire! Keep an eye out to unlock plenty of bonuses and extra players as well.

Boomshakalaka! ‘nuff said!

So that’s it folks for this week. Do check in again next week for more picks. The Lite version is free and the full version is for INR 55.

Happy Weekend Gaming !!!

Guest post by Sukamal Pegu