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Apple iOS 7 – Major Revamp of iOS

After much speculation, Apple has finally come up with its new discovery – iOS7.

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple stated while introducing iOS 7, "iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone. iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone."

This latest innovation in the operating system of Apple signifies the greatest change in the device with regard to the feel and look of iOS from the time the first iPhone was introduced in the year 2007. iOS 7 features flat design. For around 6 months, the redesigning of iOS 7 was under progress when Craig Federighi undertook software development program for mobile platform.

Apple iOS 7 is Expected to Bring All New Features

What kind of changes can you notice in this latest Apple OS?

Lately introduced iOS 7 operating system hardly resembles the older version of its software. The software is completely redesigned mostly. The latest features that you will going to notice in this operating system are –
  • Multiple pages in folders
  • Introduction for notification center
  • Newly designed Control Centre catering simpler and quicker mode of controlling the mostly used settings
  • A overhauled multitasking interface – this is the major change
This new operating system displays screen preview instead of the icons as you have seen previously. Besides all the new additions, iOS 7 introduced some small but useful features. They are as follows –
  1. AirDrop which gives provision for sharing of photos and files without sending them through text or email
  2. Flashlight in-built in the device
  3. FaceTime audio
  4. Per app VPN
  5. The featuring enabling you to block the people you don’t want to call you through FaceTime or phone
  6. Sending texts through Message
  7. Faster and smarter Siri provided with most interesting Bing support, Wikipedia and Twitter
Apple has proclaimed that this new operating system is under development still now and will be introduced in the market at a later date of this year.

The Modern Makes that has Made iOS 7 Unique

The Latest Innovations in iOS 7 will Deliver Better Phoning Experience


This new feature gives you preference control now. It is provided with switches that enable you to have access to Wi-Fi, toggle ‘Do Not Disturb’, turn the Airplane Mode on, adjust the brightness, control music and so on. From the Control Center you can now have access to flashlight as well.


iOS 7 offers you a smarter way of multitasking. This OS is going to monitor the apps you use quite frequently for determining which app needs greater functioning multitasking. When an app sends push notification, the phone will get to know that the app require background processing to ensure that it works more intuitively and quickly.

Moreover, now you will have full preview of the apps you use in multitasking. No more of tiny icons on the screen.


The Camera and Photos app is greatly revamped. You can manage a huge number of photos very easily now. Further, you can create group albums where other will share and post photographs.

Apple’s introduction of iOS 7 will bring new and modernized experience of using an iPhone. With all these features, you will have the most updated device in your hand.