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Make Safe & Secure Online Transaction

Are you buying online? I am sure your answer is ‘Yes’, but do you take care of your transactions? As long as you shop online you must take care of your information the same way you take care of your wallet when you actually purchase from a shop. Taking extra precaution is always better than keeping your stuff in an open safe. So let me walk you through five simple steps to secure your online transactions.

1. Is my connection secure?

Explaining technically, a secured connection is an encrypted (SSL) internet connection. Its job is to protect your online whereabouts from strangers, hackers and unauthorized people. You are more susceptible to such attacks when you are connected via Wi-Fi. A simple way to judge whether your connection is secured or not is, first you must look if your website url says http:// or https:// , if it is https it is definitely secured.

Being a Mozilla Firefox user gives you an edge above others as Firefox has an add on “HTTPS Everywhere”. It makes your browser a secure place to surf as it automatically uses SSL protected versions of webpages when available on websites.

Further Google Chrome also has an extension which could be installed, it is “PreferHTTPS” . Somewhat similar to HTTPS Everywhere , it forces the website to load their HTTPS versions automatically

2. Is the website trustworthy?

This is a not a difficult step , just ask one question “How shall I know if a site is trustworthy?” Figuring out the answer to it is easy enough. Before indulging into any transaction look up to the site’s reputation and use only secure online payment systems for making transactions. These are two among few of trusted online transaction websites that allows a person to deal online rather than paying directly via your bank.

In order to validate the trustworthiness of a website you can always browse through mywot.com. It contains the data of the website you are looking for. It will alert you for any sort of malware, viruses , phishing, fraud , scams, bad online shopping experiences etc. you can always download an add- on of this website and install it in your browser for ease of use. The data results of mywot.com is based on the responses and ratings of millions of users as well as trusted technical sources.

3. Are you careful about your transactions?

Your busy life might be keeping you away from the thoughts of your bank transactions but as a piece of advice, you must always keep a check on them while transacting online. Keeping a check on When, Where, With Whom will be of great use. With such attention you can always put a hold to your card when in dilemma or suspect an unusual activity.

4. Is your password Secure?

Passwords should be close to your head and heart! Their complexity is increasing day by day and they are becoming secure with the advent of technology. We all must make full use of it , for instance, we all know that banks doesn’t ask for our full information in a single time. Thus, any website asking for complete details is a fraud and you must not entertain it n any sense. Further, now banks have become smarter as they have two way authentications which like to your mobile phone or may be email id. You will be able to take forward your request only if you enter the correct code.

5. Have you left the traces behind?

If you texted, emailed, whatsapp’ed your details to any friends , relatives make sure that you and your friend have deleted all such mails. There are quite a few evidences that people have been in fraud cases because of the little carelessness. Writing your passwords or keeping them ”Safe” in your mobile phones or laptops is not the safest option. It is the easiest way for someone to spot.

You must always clear your cache, be extra careful about your credentials while using another system , be it a computer or a mobile device. Make sure you check “No” whenever it says to save your password. Never allow your browser to remember your passwords . Always make it a point to clear all your cookies, cache, history when leaving behind the unacquainted computer that you’ve just used.

In the technology bound world you always have a helper aside. Keepass and programs like CCleaner are amazing utilities available at your disposal. They are used to create as well as store strong secure passwords as well as deleting data from temporary files, web browsers, etc.

Stay Safe! Stay Happy!