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Internet : Evolution, Revolution & Future

The Internet Revolution

The internet has completely revolutionized how we live our lives. It has been a common feature in homes for approximately 10-15 years and throughout that time, wave after wave of new technology has created better, faster, more reliable and more convenient ways to access it. 20 years ago, it would have been difficult to imagine just how reliant upon it we would become.

The Evolution of the Web

When the internet first became available in homes throughout the country, the experience was limited to sending and receiving emails, chatting and browsing a few websites. We thought nothing of waiting a minute or so for the connection to be established. In fact, the clicking and buzzing of the dial-up connection became a pleasantly familiar sound. It is amazing to think that at this point in the evolution of the internet we couldn’t use the telephone and the internet at the same time! But as with any nascent technology, especially one with the commercial potential of the internet, improvements came thick and fast; new systems like ADSL enabled consumers to make phone calls and use the internet concurrently. Amazing! Or at least it seemed so at the time.

Evolution of the Internet
This represented the beginning of a technological snowball which continued to gain momentum. Soon, higher connection speeds were available; broadband made internet use quicker and smoother; more websites were being set up; the first ecommerce sites made trading over the internet possible. Social networks became hugely popular as a means of communicating, not only with friends but with the entire world.

Going Mobile

With access to the web from the comfort of our homes, how could it possibly get any better? The answer came in the form of mobile broadband. We were no longer tied to a desktop which was near a phone line. Wireless connections were available in homes, in cafés, even on trains and we could access the internet from almost anywhere at any time. Technology developed and devices were created to give the user a mobile broadband connection in their pocket for their sophisticated phone or tablet.

The Future

The internet has established itself as a feature in the everyday landscape of our lives. Technology shapes the way we live and with it, our expectations change; almost everything is virtually instant now. Instant messaging; one-click ordering; instant downloads. Even the most obscure knowledge is simply a Google search away. Considering the evolution of the internet and how it continues to develop, what the future holds for us consumers is an exciting prospect.