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Song Quest - Bollywood meets KBC!

Continuing to diversify themselves, Song Quest by Tiny Mogul Games is a music trivia game for Android phones. It features thousands of songs spanning across various popular genres such as Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and even International albums. So there is something for every music lover out there.

How it works is simple: you can play several albums, some of which are based on genres, while some might include songs only by a particular singer or music director. Each album features a number of short clips of music. You hear the clip, and then you are asked a question based on the clip. Like: Which singer? Which year was this recorded? Who played the lead role in this film? Sounds really difficult, does it? Don't worry, there are options, four of them to each question. If you get a question right in the limited amount of time given, you score points. Otherwise you don't. If you score faster, you unlock tougher, more exciting albums featuring more songs and questions. There are also power-ups, which can help if you get stuck somewhere. For example, you can opt for two of the four answers to be removed, get two tries, or stop the clock for a short interval if you want to take more time. However these power-ups will cost you coins to use.

Wait there is more: You can challenge your friends for a two-player game over the Internet. Check who knows more movies, songs, actors and music directors. Be warned, it could get quite addictive! And since it doesn't take rocket science to actually play it (except perhaps knowing the opening to every Eminem song) almost anybody can play. Recommended for all ages (11-111).

There are the badges too! This might be the most exciting part of the game for some. There is Sridevi (as Naagin), there is Sunny Paaji (dhai kilo ka haath and all that), there is SongMaster Gogo(guesses?)and more. For a free game, that's a lot of stuff. Especially when it's all desi, not coming from some distant Hollywood production house. Wait to be owned!

Check the awesome game play in the video below :