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VPN4ALL - Trusted & Secure VPN Solution

If ultimate security, privacy and anonymity is of utmost importance to you over the internet, then VPN4All is the software you must install n your system. It protects all the data flowing in and out of system till the time it is in use. Your IP will be concealed from third party snoopers and online intruders. The software runs on Windows and Mac while no special hardware requirements are needed.

The require subscription to continue performing. It provides a secure internet environment to consumers by the use of VPN Technology, fast global VPN server network and an easy-to-use VPN client

The software goes very well with its tagline ‘VPN made simple, the process to your security is simple in every respect from usage of the software to installation. Another thing that VPN4All had made simpler is to connect to another IP server; it is a simple as selecting a check box. The software also made The dropdown shows which servers permit P2P and which don’t, so if you need that feature, you just choose one of the many servers that allows it.

Privacy : The Top Line

Privacy, if you are, thinking it as protecting from spammers or snoopers in a restaurant, then VPN4All protects you more than that. It takes care of your legal privacy as well. It does not log your sessions and hence protecting you from circulating your search information over the internet and you can do a serene surfing.

How the VPN4ALL works?

As we have already read in the blog VPN4All is loaded with features and its extremely easy to use. After a connection is established the service scans the user’s public network that connects the user’s device to a Wi-Fi network and then establishes a secure tunnel by securing Virtual Private Network. This is how the user’s traffic is encrypted and then channeled into all VPN4All servers, where a new address is provided stripping off the genuine IP address.

What’s in it for me?

Let’s have a look at the features that VPN4All is offering us
  1. Server Network – An extensive service network is provided comprising of over 200 servers around the world. 60 of them are located in U.S itself. It allows customers to access restricted content from Pandora, Netflix and Hulu.
  2. Bitcoin Payments –Payments can be made through Bitcon which allows payments to be done anonymously.
  3. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) –VPN4All scans the incoming traffic for all the undesired and harmful content like viruses, anomalies and malware. Further, it makes users averse of firewalls for content access thus, providing complete surfing freedom. .
  4. 24/7 Live Chat customer support
  5. Real transparent and prolonged refund policies for unsatisfied subscribers
  6. Free trial versions

Achieving Optimal Performance with VPN4All

VPN4All is extremely easy to install and use. It requires users to pay online via PayPal or Credit Card. After the payment is processed and licensing of the software the service will be up and running on your system. Further, you need to leave aside all your browser and OS worries as it works perfectly with all Operating Systems and almost all Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera.


Let’s see what it gives me if I Purchase VPN4All
  1. Fifty servers in over twenty seven countries across the globe.
  2. Availability of over a thousand IP addresses allowing subscribers to veil their online identity.
  3. P2P file-sharing support
  4. 1GBPS Network speed
  5. No log or user data storage.
  6. 24X7 online live support
  7. Highly flexible payment options from Primus, PayPal, AlertPay, American Express, Visa and MasterCard
  8. Privacy Policy and a fully liberal policy of return is provided
  9. Money-back guarantee of up to thirty days


VPN4ALL is perfect solution for security, privacy and anonymity without compromising on the speed. It is feature packed and ideal VPN solution. VPN4ALL is one of the greatest products in the VPN world and being a market leader, it provides users with unequaled benefits.

To learn how to quickly setup and start running your VPN4ALL connection, check the video below :