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FlipBook Creator Professional for Mac : Books to 3D eBooks

Have you ever wished to have a tool to convert your PDFs into easy reading 3D books where in you can flip the pages of the eBook like you would do with a normal book? Well if you ever wanted a tool like that, you are in luck. Flipbook Creator Professional for Mac is a tool which exactly does the same thing in an efficient manner. It is an amazing tool to convert all your normal eBooks to flash based books with page turning effects and many more features.

FlipBook Creator Professional for Mac is priced every competitively and offer loads of features to the users. This software can add great readability to normal eBooks and help engage the readers without boredom of normal eBooks. If you have a tablet this tool can do wonders for you and increase your reading experience by many folds. The tool is ever effective and gives excellent performance while creating 3D eBooks.

The professional version of the tool has many add-on benefits and powerful features. You can use this tool to create any number of 3D eBooks, and publish them online without limitation.

Flipbook Creator Professional for Mac Features

  • The Flipbook Creator Professional for Mac comes bundled with a variety of features, which enable you to create stunning and informative flipbooks for your websites. The few quick features of this product are:
  • Easily Import any PDF file to create a Flash Powered Flipbook.
  • Easily create outputs to different formats, either HTML or Mac App.
  • Insert Interactive features like YouTube videos, Flash files, movies, audio, pictures, buttons, hyperlinks, email links and many more.
  • Variety of pre-designed themes available.
  • Ability to customize pre-designed themes.
    • Change background colour and images.
    • Preview the changes immediately.
    • Customize fonts for flipbook.
    • Insert background music for playing once or for infinite loop.
  • Support for Left to Right and Right to Left Languages (like Arabic).
  • Ability to encrypt various pages in the flipbook.
  • Provide Multiple Control Tools
    • Allow downloading, or prevent it.
    • Allow sharing, or prevent it.
    • Add watermark to images and flipbook.
    • Set colour and position of toolbar.

Flipbook Features

The output flipbook that you receive after exporting your work from the Flipbook Creator Professional for Mac, also provides various features for the end-user. The main features of the final flipbook are:
  1. Ability to drag the corner of a page to flip.
  2. Ability to click on page shadows to flip the page.
  3. Ability to use mouse wheel to flip between pages.
  4. Ability to view the flipbook in full screen mode.
  5. Ability to flip pages automatically after a fixed amount of time.
  6. Ability to use page thumbnails to navigate to pages.
  7. Control page turn sound, turn it off or no.
  8. Input password to unlock encrypted pages.

Create a Flipbook in 3 Easy Steps

Creating a flipbook with the Flipbook Creator Professional for Mac is not a difficult task. In fact, it is a child’s play. Anyone can possibly create a flipbook by using the intense software on your Mac. These 3 steps include:
  1. Import the PDF and edit any pages if required.
  2. Change the Output settings in the settings pane on the left to enable, or disable various features of the Flipbook mentioned above.

  3. Click on Publish to export the Flipbook in your preferred format, HTML website or a Mac App.


The Flipbook Creator Professional for Mac from Flippagemaker.com is an intense tool. It comes handy anytime you need to create a flipbook for your website. It is a must buy software for everyone who wishes to ever create an online flipbook for any reason. I have tried and tested this Professional version of the application myself and I must say that it is nothing less than stated above. With new updates, it is expected to get even better.