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Slikk : The Web Search Revolution

Your search engine will be now your web browser too. Confused? That is the innovation that Slikk has come up with and is testing a two-in-one search engine that includes the basic features of web browsing as well.

Slikk will surely come out as yet another revolution in the Internet history for introducing a feature that makes searching over the web faster than ever. It also links to your Slikk webpages where you can easily share any web content which you find unique in its own way. You can save, browse, share, and retain all the cool, funny and vital stuff you come across while browsing the web page. This includes, videos, web pages, and images.

Along with the above mentioned features, Slikk also gets you access to its new online encyclopedia, Slikkipedia. It contains billions of Slikk collections on any subject you can imagine or even not. Here you will e provided access to multiple articles, webpages, videos, pictures and latest news on searched subject.

It took three years for Slikk to be formed and come live. It is soon to be launched for the end users and to create history, but before that it needs help from the online users to make it win the race. This is your opportunity to be associated with an innovation since its inception. So, now the question arises, how to use it?

Like almost any of your search engine, Google or Bling, Slikk follows the same phenomenon to search for content, so what difference is it making? On the result page itself you can click “open” next to each page and view the full page. Even the destination website can be browsed on the result page which is similar to navigation in the website. This is somewhat similar to Google Instant previews, but lets you browse the webpage instead of just giving you a preview.

Slikk also offers a multi-view functionality letting you to view various search results, from videos to tweets to images and news and all on the same page.

We all know that many start-up search engines have eluded in thin air, the basic reason was lack of innovation in search engine market for past 10 years. This gave Slikk and opportunity to come up with flying colours and show its uniqueness to the market.

But there is much more to just “Innovation”, it’s the market share that Slikk needs. This Israel based start-up needs more than just $560,000 to be a tough competition to the market. If we compare, Blekko, another start-up has raised $53 million in funding, which is semi successfully moving ahead.