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[InfoGraphic] Shocking Stats & Trends about Internet

Internet is undoubtedly the technology that has had the greatest impact on our society in this century. It is akin to how the invention of the transistor device in the last century revolutionized the field of electronics by making electronic equipment, household appliances and devices smaller and cheaper, like radios, calculators, television and computers, among other things. The development of the Internet is no less; it also influenced how later technologies had developed over the last few years.

Now we see mobile phones, tablets and handheld devices that take advantage of the internet which also took advantage of a technology developed ago. We see technologies like the cloud, social media platform, on demand software, online shopping, real time streaming videos…technologies no one a century ago would have imagined. We see day to day items like household appliances and game consoles beginning to take advantage of internet’s technology in one form or another.

Yet even with the prevalence of the internet, many of us are still unaware of how it really is affecting us, or how little we know of it. Not many people know how it actually works, for example. And there are a lot of Internet facts most people are still unaware of.

Did you know that online shopping portals Alibaba.com and Taobao, both owned by the Alibaba Group, is three times larger than Amazon and eBay combined? It is less popular in the west since Alibaba operates mostly in Asia where according to recent estimates have a few billion predominantly Chinese speaking Internet users.

And even being banned in China, Facebook still represents a whopping 46% share of the total worldwide internet usage, with every country’s internet using population not named China having a Facebook account.

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