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Aimersoft Video Editor : Best Solution for All Video Editing Needs

Technology has made video editing much easier than what it used to be since then not only professionals but newbies are also using a number of available video editing tools. Web is a huge collection of videos and audios including movie files. Since movies are large in size it is difficult for them to be downloaded and uploaded this task has also been made simpler by splitting the big video files into smaller ones and then uploading and downloading them, thus saving a lot of time. The split files require a video joiner to merge all the files into one and enhance the viewing experience.

Aimersoft is one video editor tool which lets one create movies using videos, pictures, sound tracks by a few clicks. It is loaded with a number of features which lets you modify videos by providing more options to customize it. You can add various effects to videos like animated transitions, background music and other attractive effects to give your video a more professional look.

Aimersoft is highly simple to use with a few clicks and drag and drop options to place your text , watermarks etc. The interface will teach you the step by step process of moving forward with the video editing, so even if you are an unprofessional in the art of video editing this tool will make it easier for you to learn as well.

When comes to compatibility, Aimersoft video editing tool can be used on all the versions of both Windows and Macintosh. It also supports all the video, audio and image formats like AVI, WMV, BMP, MP3, WMA and others as well.

Features of the Aimersoft Video Editor

If you are planning to purchase a video editing tool you have to consider a number of things before going for a buy, the features to be considered mainly be usability and functioning. Apart from these necessary mentioned features Aimersoft also offers:
  1. Precision: The tool offers features to make your video precise by adding different video and audio tracks and also the images. This adds convenience to your processing by easy add-ons and high quality output.
  2. Tools: There a a number of video editing tools are available to customize your video and enhance the visual effects alike cropping, rotating or even changing hue and saturation of videos.
  3. Advanced Features: Like, availability of special effects, filters, transitions and watermarks to personalize the viewer’s experience.
  4. Sharing: The tool also allows you to share the videos over your phone, tab or any other PC. Also, the DVD format is also supported with the same. Also, the video can be directly shared to social network websites, Youtube or anywhere over the internet.


Concluding, this software is a must have because conversion of video/ audio files for your handset or your PC is a necessary task these days. Also, the ease of use in terms of conversion and editing of video and audio files is really commendable.