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Voxeet: Free Multi-Functional Conference Call Solution

In this article, we will discuss a cool multi-function conference call app, Voxeet. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows and it is really simple to use. You can quickly add calls and group them on the device of your choice.

The process to use this app is really simple. Just download Voxeet from your app store and import your contacts from any source; be it your phone address book, Facebook, email or Google contacts and voila! You are ready to use the app.

What is Voxeet ?

Voxeet's exceptionally high voice quality has been tested and proven by our staff. Voxeet's voice technology excels by providing audio-visual indicators so participants know exactly who is talking. Voxeet also has an option to transfer conferences across devices when you're on the go. And Voxeet can be categorized as a sweet, simple and highly user-friendly app when compared to some of the already existing apps of conferencing categories. *Double check if it's compatible with your device and that you have the latest iOS or Android requirements.

User Interface

The User Interface gives a real-life conferencing experience with Voxeet's virtual conference table. Once the conference is set up, participants can re-organize their conference room, add more participants, or even leave the call without interrupting the call’s current setup. Another highly useful feature is "Whisper Mode" where participants can initiate a private side call while keeping the main conference call active. When switching devices, the current conference call can be carried along with a single click and the participant will not be disconnected from the call.


Apart from being a mobile app, Voxeet is also available for Windows PC. The app and the service has remained free since its initial launch.

How to Use It

Once you've downloaded the app, you register a new Voxeet account and then login with your ID. When you login the app for the first time, you will have the option to transfer your contacts from Facebook, Google, email or your phone address book. Voxeet also keeps a history of calls received, calls missed and calls made.

In order to place a call, go to your contacts, highlight as many of them as you want to call (up to 8 participants) and press the call button. Once a participant joins a call, s/he will be able to see all participants, their avatars, volume features (including mute option) and view meters where all participants know who is currently speaking. During the call, each individual avatar in the call can be physically moved anywhere on the conference call room screen by click or touching the avatar with your finger and dragging them (if you're on a mobile device). What's realistic is that the sound of that person's voice will move in that direction in relation to you (like surround sound). For example, if you drag the voice of a participant to the left side of the screen, the sound will come from the left speaker (or left headphone). You can also initiate one-on-one calls or private conversations while on an existing conference call - just tap on a contact's avatar and select “Whisper”.

You can see demo of Voxeet in the video below :


After testing this app on its voice quality, Voxeet has surpassed it's competitors. The UI, Voice technology and features like “Whisper” surely put it in a class by itself and sets the precedent for new generation voice conference quality standards. Download Voxeet today and hear the difference for yourself!