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New Product and New Hope from Apple

Many people have been skeptical about how Apple will be able to survive after the genius behind all innovation from this company, Steve Jobs, passed away. However, they prove that they are still one of the strongest contenders in Smartphone industry by launching their new product, iPhone 6. This new product is also known as the big iPhone, because the size is larger than its previous series. But, the change isn’t only on the size. Apple also adds many feature and upgraded specification, which make its performance at top level and this is what all iPhone fans waiting for.

This Smartphone will be available on October. However, Apple has received the preorder for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this month. By looking at the previous series launching in 2012, which sold for 2 million units in just 24 hours, this new product will have same effect as its previous series. The 2 year long of development of new product from Apple has become great strategy to attract more attention from the market for this new product. The fans also become more curious with this new product, because previously, Apple usually launch their new iPhone every year. Because of this factor, many fans have put their hope on this new product for its surprise and new feature.

Some of website has been able to acquire the full specification of the iPhone 6 before its official launching date. And, it’s not only specification. Many companies also prepare some of application and even ringtone, like on http://www.melofania.com/phones/Apple just for this new product from Apple. Basically, this is the long waited product from Apple, which is also the legacy of Steve Jobs and many people hope that this product will be able to place Apple on the leader of Smartphone industry. As we all know, today, Samsung and even some of brand from China has successfully placed on list of top Smartphone product. iPhone 6 is available in 3 different data storage capacity. There is 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Along with this new product, other new and innovative product from Apple will be also launched. It’s the Apple watches.

This watches will be integrated with the system in Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The user will be able to use all application and phone function from this watch. However, this new product or we can say accessories for iPhone 6 don’t have any health feature, like most of the Smart watches from other brands. This is what makes some people disappointed. But, if we look at how difficult and complicated to add health feature in the gadget, it’s normal that Apple doesn’t add this feature in this watches. They try to match its launching date with their main product, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, while if they want to add the health feature, they have to do long process to get approval from FDA, professional and many more. Basically, this watch will be only the sale booster for their new iPhone 6; so, Apple can challenge other brand in today’s Smartphone market.

Specifications of iPhone 6:

  1. Size 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.27 inches
  2. Screen size 4.7 inches diagonally with shatter proof glass and Oleophobic coating protection
  3. Processor Dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based)
  4. Graphic Card PowerVR GX6650 (hexa-core graphics)
  5. RAM 1 GB
  6. Data Storage Capacity 16GB/32GB/128GB
  7. Camera 8 MP with 3264 x 2448 pixels resolution (Primary) and 1.2 MP (Secondary)
  8. Network 2G/3G/4G
  9. No Memory Card Slot
  10. Non Removable Li-Ion Battery, Standby up to 250 hours and Talk Time up to 14 hours