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TXT180 : Text Message Marketing with Solid Features

TXT180 is an extremely beneficial tool for your marketing communications. Let's review TXT180, its features and the value it creates for your business. Also, we will review the tool with respect to costs associated and market reach.

What is TXT180?

TXT180 is a recently formed company with its inception in the year 2010. It is based out of Saint George, Utah. TXT180 is basically an application provider for group SMS marketing activity. The mass communication messages are sent to clients via a simple web based platform. It also covers almost all the major wireless carriers to increase the communication reach for its clients.

When talking about their website, TXT180 has a well thought website. It has high amount of user-friendliness as the links are quite easy to find as well as the text marketing tips and other related information can be spotted easily. The required Statistics, Analysis and decision making information is available on the website which helps in knowing the health of your marketing campaign. Also, an industry wide comparison is available which helps in determining why TXT180 is best text message marketing website and better than its competitors.

The pricing details are pretty clear with a number of packages available. So you can select a package and buy it at the listed price according to your market reach, timing and other constraints.

Why TXT180?

We will not let our biases answer this question, rather we are listing down what customers said about TXT180 and their decisions of choosing this product. These customers were interviewed, let us see what we found from them :
  • “A huge communication rage as the products and services were pushed on to a large number of people”
  • “Customer retention is achieved by calling back on old customers engaging them with additional discounts / mobile coupons. This pumped up the sales figures.”
  • “Show Customer Relationship by getting in touch with clients and telling them about recent events or appointments”
  • “Getting an idea of target market by conducting a market research before the product launch.”

TXT180 Features

Let's dig in to awesome features provided by TXT180 :
  • TXT180 allows to have unlimited subscribers by not limiting number of clients.
  • TXT180 offers quite flexible packages which are a great deal considering what its competitors are selling. We’ve come across several competitor but no one can beat the price of TXT180 packages, starting an SMS marketing campaign for $ 9.95 / month at 12-month package is a pretty decent take-away.
  • Scheduling is the best once we have come across, it lets us send a message at a certain date and time automatically.
  • Control Panel is extremely easy to use plus the video tutorial are quire helpful when one is in a trauma.
  • Unlimited incoming messages from your customer at no cost. With this service feature, you’ll be able to tell the exact number of clients that replied to your text messages.
  • Website can easily be integrated with a widget, this gave customers an ease of access as they could key in their phone numbers and opt for the campaign directly from our website.
  • A group can be formed which contains key audiences to target for a particular campaign.
  • Dedicated Customer Support (phone and email support)
If you want additional keyword for your campaign. The price is very cheap with only $5 for setup and $2 / month.

All the customers had one thing in common, that they are saving lots of money by using TXT180 tool and its services. Also, there is an overwhelming response to their marketing campaigns thus directly contributing to their bottom line.


When we accumulate all the great benefits, features and prices offered by TXT180, we conclude that it is great to use for Small and Medium size businesses. Also, the various packages available suits greatly to various business needs and models.