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Innovative Solutions Offered by DryWired

We are in the 21st century and technology is moving at a fast pace allowing companies to provide innovative solutions at greater prices. In this fast pace development, Nanotechnology has made it's mark and helped humans to answer many problems. Nanotechnology has revolutionized most industries and changed the way people live their everyday lives. Protective nanocoating products like those produced by DryWired generate cost savings and improve the functionality of numerous devices or processes. It’s likely that at least one of DryWired’s influential products can improve the way you perform your work or personal activities.

Electronics Nanocoating

DryWired’s 101x offers protection that does not detract from the appearance, size, or ease of use of electronic devices. The clear coating protects against water and various other liquids or oils, including acetone, heptane, and toluene. You can use this coating on ceramic, aluminum, steel, and copper to protect against corrosion and other wear. The coating is stable at high heat exposure, non-flammable, and convenient to apply. If you run an electronics store or repair center and want to help your customers better protect their devices, you can purchase a specialized Nebula hydrophobic nanocoating to guarantee leading protection.

Thermal Blocking

A few of DryWired’s products shield equipment from heat loss or shock from temperature changes. Liquid NanoTint is designed specifically to insulate vehicles by blocking ultraviolet and infrared radiation. HeatShield insulation will reduce heat loss in your home or business building, helping you reduce your environmental impact and monthly expenses. You can use the High Heat industrial thermal insulation, meanwhile, in manufacturing operations and other industrial settings. This coating prevents corrosion and water infiltration from occurring to metal exposed to temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The coating also reduces wear to extend the lifespan of heat-exposed industrial equipment.

Anti-Bacterial Protection

One of DryWired’s nanocoatings cleans surfaces and discourages bacterial growth. The hypoallergenic chitosan present in this coating helps to reduce the growth of troublesome organisms, from mold to bacteria, rather than temporarily killing off an existing population of organisms. The application of this nanocoating can prevent superficial issues, such as odors and staining, as well as functional issues, such as deterioration.

Clothing Protection

DryWired’s 714X Textile Shield prevents water, sweat, and other liquids from infiltrating clothing. This coating also preserves breathability so you don’t have to sacrifice your personal comfort. The spray is inert, so you can wear treated clothing safely, and it is resistant to even the strongest detergents. Other textile coatings that retard flames or discourage microbial growth are also available.

Fog Elimination

A number of DryWired’s products can prevent condensation. Besides eliminating an everyday nuisance, these products improve your safety when you are driving, enjoying outdoor sports, or performing work that requires goggles. You can use Fog Protect coating on various materials, including plastic, glass, and polycarbonate, and various lens types, including single, polarized, and trifocal. Even on lenses worn very close to the eyes, you don’t have to worry about irritation. You can apply the product directly to the glass surface or simply add it to a glass-cleaning product for convenient coating.

Coming Innovations

DryWired’s available products will likely only increase in the future. The company operates on a global scale to find new nanocoating technologies that it can bring to its customers. Currently, the company uses over 100 types of nanocoating, each offering its own unique benefits. This variety and the ongoing search for better products practically ensure a range of exciting and helpful new products in the future.