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Dell Venue 8 Pro : My Experience with Best Tablet

We fell in love with Dell Venue 8 Pro and wrote many articles about this great device, but like all good things end, this blog post would be my last post on Dell Venue 8 Pro. It has been almost three months that DV8P has been my constant companion in my endeavours and excursions. From a holiday trip to the majestic Coorg to a Business meeting in the capital city Delhi, DV8P has crossed states along with me and making me discover its various features and hidden talents. This post is neither a verdict nor a conclusion to DV8P’s baggage of small things, but one thing is for sure, this has been the best Windows 8.1 tablet I have tested so far.

I am listing down some of my observations for the slate which I would like to highlight; they are not in any order of preference.

  1. Like other tablets it uses resolution panel of 1280x800.
  2. The IPS screen is quite bright and gives great viewing angles.
  3. Touch is quite responsive with as many as 10 simultaneous touch points.
  4. 2GB memory and Intel Atom Chip is present. The device e is powered by Atom Z3740D while a quad core chip is present which clocks at 1.33Ghz along with a turbo boost of 1.83Ghz
  5. Design wise, Dell’s design is best as compared to other tabs, especially when it is compared in context of weight, size, feel and curves.
  6. For me, the battery was worthwhile as it stood up to Dell’s promise of 8 hours in single charge.
  7. Dell Venue 8 Pro comes bundled with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013. The apps run pretty well on the device while editing Word documents is also easy.
  8. There is neither a Windows button on the front face nor a capacitive touch, but a physical button on the top side of the device is present like in Amazon Kindle.
  9. There is a single speakers, ok enough to watch few videos but not meant for loud music. So to watch movies and stuff it is better if one uses headphones.
  10. A single micro USB port is provided to connect other devices or to charge a laptop, a small 10W charger is provided with the device.
  11. Two cameras are available for videos, selfies as well as for clicking regular pictures. There is a 5 megapixel camera at the back and a rear camera 1.2 on the front.
  12. The connectivity is really good with all the available connectivity options.

Well, this summarizes almost all the features of the tablet. I can easily say, that I have moved to Windows Tablet from my old Android Tablet for good and I’m not going back. I guess it will take some three months more for me to replace my laptop with Dell Venue 8 Pro. Also, Windows 9 is soon to be announced and this update might strengthen my decision and will have a huge contribution in productivity of DV8P because I believe Microsoft will improve overall Windows experience.

When compared to few years back, we can now get a tablet for 25 percent lesser price and a lighter and thinner Windows tablet. Based on what I have experience so far in these three months, Dell Venue 8 Pro is the tablet for everyone, be it a gamer, explorer or even a software engineer. Thinking to buy a tablet and confused with various choices? Go for Dell Venue 8 Pro and you won’t go wrong.