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Find Property on the Go : Housing.com iOS Mobile App

We all know that Bangalore is the land of opportunity but it is difficult to land one with the stiff competition. When you have been in the grind and overcome the competition to get a fine job in Bangalore, you will need a place to live in. And we all now, that finding a place to live in, under your budget is a difficult task to accomplish. You are going to go to all the portals and classifieds to look for apartments in Bangalore for sale so that you could get one of them to live in. While you are at that, an application that will make sure that you get the best of listings without too much of a hassle is the i-Phone application of Housing.com.

Housing.com is a company that is dedicated toward the betterment of the house-hunting experience of the people and strives to make it easier for the people. The step by step process that the website follows to make house-hunting an easier process is commendable. Now, this facility is available for all i-Phone users as well. Here is the step by step process that is praised by all who uses it:
  1. You need to select the kind of deal you need to make. You might need a home for rent, sale or even a PG accommodation in Bangalore. With the example that we are looking at, you are most probably looking for apartments in Bangalore for sale.
  2. Once you select the option, you will be able to enter your preferred locality in a panel. Once you start to type, there will be a location that will be available to you from maps to make it all the more easy. In a country like India, it is easy to get confused as there is more than one locality with the same name: this feature is a blessing.
  3. After entering the locality or landmark, you will see other panels that will ask you for other criteria like price, facilities and others of the same niche. Most of them are drop downs and checklists that are full of realistic options so that you can entirely customize your search.
  4. Once all the details have been entered into the allotted spaces, you will be directed to a page with all the relevant listings and also a button for maps. You can take a look at the listings and all the information and take the deal ahead.
The application that has been developed for all Apple users can be accessed on all Apple devices like phones and tablets. It is also one of the best real estate portals for the mobile space because of the following features:

Simple Interface

The interface of the application is a treat to the eye and makes sure that the user does not have to look for what he wants. It is intuitive and seamless in nature.

Use of Real Photographs

Each of the listings that are present on any of the counterpart’s pf Housing.com is accompanied with pictures that are clicked on the site and are not tampered. What you see on your computer is what you will see on the property. There are no edits and disappointments at all. This particular feature makes it easy for the people to estimate what the property looks like and eliminates the disappointment when one does not like the property.

Use of Google Maps

This is a revolutionary feature that has been a part of the Housing package. You can use maps to figure out the location and also make sure that you are not headed in the wrong direction. You can easily locate the property and also avoid the hassle of calling the owner several times to find the house that you are looking for.


The new app from Housing.com has great features without any major glitches or bugs. So, if you are looking for property to buy, rent or sell, you should definitely try the new iOS app of Housing.com ! It's awesome !