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Home Security Camera with Zero Downtime: link-U Hybrid SmartCam

Webcams are amongst the few ways that makes your home feel safe while you are away. You can monitor your home irrespective from whichever part of the world you are. You can have a look at your kids while you are at workplace or have a tap at your place while partying late night. But have you gave it a thought or maybe come across an incident “what to do when the internet connectivity is lost?”
Andy Benatti, Link-Union’s founder had the same thought, he is a traveller and has to keep a continuous check over his place. He tried a number of webcams but every other had some catch which would make him disconnected from his home, so he developed a solution to it. Andy Benatti designed his own version of webcam, The link-U Hybrid SmartCam. Let us see what makes the Andy’s Webcam different from what is available.

link-U works with any connection which includes Wi-Fi, and cellular connections of 3G and 4G modem due to internal modem. Also, there is no need to worry about routers, firewalls or Dynamic firewalls. link-U is designed so well that it handles everything also there is a built in battery so if you somehow lose any of the 3G, 4G or even wireless connection link-U will perform at its best.

The Hybrid camera has two power sources, so if given a case when you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi or any cellular network , a standard plug adapter and the 8 hour battery backup will still make you connected to home. You will be easily able to monitor via Android and iOS apps.

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link-U also comes with Bluetooth connectivity; this will allow you other devices to connect to the camera. There are numerous other features few of them I am listing below.
  • The video quality is pretty amazing with up to 1920x 1080 full HD display with 130 degree wide and lens. This configuration provides crisp and high quality video output.
  • You can also get alerts based on present events and these are under your control to take action.
  • You can also access past events to monitor what has happened. The past events are stored in the Webcam memory
  • You can also see the “Live “ situation via your apps and monitor the activity by listening to the conversation. Interaction is also an possible due to audio output.
  • A variety of Home devices can be controlled while you are at home, like, temperature adjustment, door detection, fire alarms, etc and this is possible via internal BT 4.0 LE.
An assured continuous check at home or your kids could be done at a price of $100. This is a decent price considering the chances of disconnecting the camera are slim to none. The various connectivity options forces the camera to be alert 24X7.

If you like the concept, you can help them raise funds for the same on Indiegogo, so that they can bring this awesome innovative product to life.