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Quick for Quikr : My Experience of Buying TV

"Quick for Quikr", this is what I have realized while searching a television set for my new home. I have recently moved to the city of Nawabs, Hyderabad. “Things are pretty tough for people for the first six months when they move into a new city” and I concur this statement, completely.

I had already spent a whole lot of money on the broker to get me an apartment and the apartment itself, with choice of direction, balcony , society etc. With so many restrictions at hand I was unable to get a fully furnished home, so I decided to move around the city and get my self a cozy sofa, decent bed, kitchen etc. etc. This might sound easy but let me tell you it tore off my shoes.

My love for watching Television has never faded, for me, my laptop can never have a TV set’s place. To pursue my love I went to the electronics market in Hyderabad, I must tell you, it is no piece of cake. You should be a real marketer to overcome the smart shopkeepers there. They can suck money out of you without you having a hint of it. So after browsing through a dozen and half shops I decided to quit. I didn’t get a TV set of my choice which comes under my budget.

Torn, tired and pretty sad for wasting my day, I went to a friend’s place to get myself some rest and then his television set did wonders to me. During my favorite reality show I saw the ad for Quikr, though I was completely aware of Quikr’s existence I never gave it a thought to try it. The advertisement was more or less narrating my poor story which motivated me so much that I instantaneously decided to go for Quikr.

The Awesome Quikr Advertisement

I did not have my laptop at my friend’s place so I quickly downloaded Quikr app , created an account, selected the category TV under Electronics & Appliances > TV – DVD- Multimedia. To my surprise, Quikr showed me 2300+ records for various old and new TV sets.

I was quite quick to refine those results which matched my budget and the type. Not only this, I was quite happy when I saw the “Locality” option. Wrecked by travelling some 20 kilometers in search of a TV set left me no energy to search another electronic markets in the other parts of the city of Hyderabad.

My finger tips worked like magic on the app, I refined my Product Type as “TV”, Used/ New as “Used” ( I am no king to afford brand new TV set ), Brand Name “Samsung” ( For 20 years I have seen Samsung TV at my home , its more or like a trusted brand for me), Price Range “1001-10000”, for location I checked three localities which were circumferencing my area and the last refined category Posted By as“Individual” , I already had quite a rough day with dealers. Then the results were amazing, I could find varieties or television from a number of people staying nearby having great looking TV sets.

From among the refined criteria, I selected a television that best suited my need, I looked up the number and gave the buyer a call. He was quite polite, I shot my questions at him and he answered them, even offering me to go to his place inspect the TV set completely and then only buy.

TV Listing on Quikr, simple and elegant design for fast and hassle-free experince

He stayed some 2 kilometers from my place I reached there in another fifteen minutes. After carefully inspecting the television set, the remote, buttons, look and feel any dents and all the possible things to make myself satisfied with the choice I decided to buy the TV in another fifteen minutes.

After I was relieved it was the time to have the “serious discussion” with the seller, after all money does matter! With the television set in my mind and the other questions bulleted in a part of my cerebrum we decided to go to nearby 'chai tapri' to have famous Irani Chai of Hyderabad.

We had our discussions, I had mine, about the price, warranty, guarantee and the conversation even took us somewhat in knowing each other. His part of questions included how I am going to pay the money, in what time. With the fear of losing the TV to anyone else, I paid him in cash then and there, and our deal was closed. I was Happy. He was happy. This happiness was possible for a deal which technically started to sprout some 30 minutes back and I was lazily able to buy my peace of mind.

My “Buying a television” chapter is closed, I wish I had not spent days in loitering around getting a sofa set and a bed but I am definitely sure from now onwards, before wandering around the hot streets and crowded of Hyderabad, or any city I am posted at, I am going to browse Quikr first and then decide on my alternatives.

My Awesome TV Set : Love You Quikr

Next item on my checklist “A Cabinet for my Television set” and yes, I am ready for “Quikrrrrrrrrrrrr Quikr” Are you planning to buy or sell anything ? Try Quikr, you will love it.

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