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What Difference will you Experience with 4G as Opposed to 3G

When 3G first came into existence it made use of smart phone technology a possibility for the majority of people. Obviously this was something which was seen as a great development. But now 4G has surpassed its predecessor in the improved service it provides.

So is it a good idea to invest in a 4G compatible phone? That is going to depend on what you actually use your phone for and where you live or travel to. There are a range of different NBN plans from iiNet that will increase the speed at which you & your family browse the internet.

The vagaries of 4G coverage

Not all areas have a high levelof 4G coverage and if you live in one of the areas where there is little or no coverage is it really worth having a 4G compatible phone. That is going to depend on other factors than just your home address. If you spend a lot of time in an area other than the one in which you live, maybe on business, then you will also need to look at the 4G coverage that’s availablein that area.

Speed Comparison on 3G and 4G networks

You may also want to think about the future. Just because you cannot get 4G coverage where you live right now does not mean that it will never be available. You could go out and buy a non 4G compatible phone today and find that you have 4G access within a couple of months. It may be worth trying to do some research to find out about current developments in your area.

What benefits will you get from going 4G?

The most obvious improvement in 4G when compared to 3G is the speed. The average download speed you get from 4G is between 3 and 6 Mbps which vastly exceeds the peak download speed of 3.6 Mbps which was available with 3G. Another improvement with 4G is that it has QoS (quality of service) which allows different levels of priority to be given to different kinds of data streaming. This is a very valuable development if you are a fan of watching videos on yourphone as they can be given priority, improving your viewing experience.

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Should I have a 4G handset?

Given all of the positives that come with 4G it may be tempting to just go out and buy a 4G compatible phone, but you should give it some thought. If you aren’tlikely to have access to 4G for a while then you may want to wait as there may be a new version of your favoured phone on the market by then. You also have to take cost into consideration.

4G is still a relatively recent innovation and it can be costly to invest in a 4G compatible phone and in the provision from your service provider to go with it. If you have access to reliable 4G, and you are willing to invest in using it, then there is an array of 4G compatible phones on the market for you to choose from.