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10 Tips to Conquer 'The Great Online Shopping Festival' ( GOSF 2014 )

So, are you ready for the biggest online shopping festival? Well I believe you might already have a list of things prepared to buy this GOSF. But, one thing, how will you ensure you banged the best deal out of all? Well , with so many websites selling similar products and offering different deals, it is quite confusing to get the best out of all. This GOSF let me prepare you and myself for the shopping fever and the best deals.

This year Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) is a three day long online shopping event starting December 10th, 2014. Do not miss it while making the most of this online carnival. In this post you can find few tips and tricks, which we can use this season to make the best out of GOSF, save our money, time and be contended with our selection.

1) A Research is MUST!

Well, before every smart buy there is a detailed research, the better prepared you are with the product specifications, like color, price, size , technology etc. the better side you are in when compared to others for striking a perfect deal. This happens mostly in the cases when you are planning to buy technology items like cellphones, tablets, tabs, cameras, televisions, etc. Since we cannot consider these as impulse purchases, do a clear research beforehand on what brand, model, or specification you want in the electronic gadget you are considering to purchase

2) Be Familiar! And Do Register

Another thing you should be keeping in mind is the familiarity with the website. Since we do not want to give the best deal to our neighbor, it is better we know the website and reach the product quickly. We all know best deals go in a flick of a minute, so complete your registrations beforehand, fill in your address details, contact number. Apply these best practices to a bunch of websites you are planning to surf on GOSF.

3) Banking Details

Be ready with your banking details filled up in the form. Make sure your Debit and Credit card details are correct and your account has balances. You will surely not like it if you miss a great deal after reaching the payment page.

4) Clothing and Sizes!

Every website an every brand follow no uniformity when we talk about sizing especially in clothing and shoes. So it is recommended you keep your preferred size in handy for every website you are planning to visit. Or you can even order multiple sizes for a product and make most use of free returns (wherever applicable). Also, for products like furniture, poster frames, do a thorough measurement of the space you are planning to fill and then go ahead with websites.

5) Wish list! Don’t you have one yet?

Well, in the first paragraph of this blog, I have assumed you guys are already ready with a list of products you are planning to get this GOSF. If not already, you still have ample time to make a notes of what you want to buy, from which website, under which category and in what sizes. Also ,make sure you have your priority decided so that your shopping is focused on must haves rather than impulse buying and then ending in spending a lot more than what your budget had allowed.

6) Planning

Its, Holiday season, and GOSF is the best time to shop for your loved ones. Even you can make a list of things you are planning to gift your buddies in the coming year for their birthday or marriage and shop for them in advance, this will save time, money and you will be ready with your surprise and saving a fortune on expensive gifts.

7) Keep yourself updated

This is where the emails will be useful. Subscribe to the emails of your favorite website, download their mobile apps so that you are updated with the deals with push notifications. Subscribe to websites which are telling about the Best Deals of GOSF and mark them for your usage on time . Like, this, you will be prepared for the deal and money to be spent.

8) Check return and exchange policies

Website policies are a must read before you buy anything, Go through the return and exchange policies the various websites are offering in the shopping festival and then buy the item judiciously. Also, keep a copy of the online receipt you got and even when the product have reached you keep the invoice ready in case your product is in a form that required to be returned or exchanged.

9) Shop Smart

Do not forget to take advantage of 299/- corner. Here products ranging from Rs 500 to Rs. 2000 will be priced at 299 ad you might get one thing which you were waiting for long. This corner can even satiate your impulse buying.

10) Patience is the KEY

Since, you know thousands and lakhs of people will be online on GOSF, planning to buy the same thing from the same website, you might encounter some crashers, network slowdown or frozen checkout page. You have to be patient and keep your calm. You must keep shopping and do not expect to get every amazing deal, Someone might have already clink it a tenth of a second before you did!.