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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 : Features, Review & More

Samsung has launched yet another beast under it's phablet series of Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Note series has tasted success in every of it's previous generations. Let us see what Samsung is offering in the new Note 4 when compared to other brands and its own predecessors.

Build and Design

When talking about build and design, I personally feel this is Samsung’s best design. Note 4 has a metallic body with cure edges, sleek body and a plastic faux leather back cover. This association has made the grip of the phone very strong and will save you from unconditional slip of the phone.

The volume rocker is on the left edge and power button is on the left edge of phone while these buttons have chamfered edges complimenting the sides. On the rear you will find a 16 megapixel camera and just below it LED flash unit is placed along with heart rate monitor. Apart from faux leather and neatly placed camera, and embossed logo of Samsung is enhancing the phone’s beauty.

On flipping the phone to the front we will encounter Quad HD Super AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection. The proximity sensor is located at the upper along with the front camera. The home button is located below on a slightly raised plane. Along with normal home screen function, the button also acts as a fingerprint scanner. Also, on the end corner you will find a shiny top which is the S-pen.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processors which bundles four Krait 450 processors clocking at 2.65GHz. An Adreno420 GPU is also housed, being cloked at 600MHz.

The internal RAM is 3GB with internal memory of 32GB of which around 7 GB is used for system installable and memory.

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For connectivity, the phone supports quad band 2G and 3G, it is also compliant with 4G LTE. It also has NFC, Bluetooth v4.1, IR Blaster and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

A range os sensors comes with the phone including accelerometer, a gyroscope, RGB ambient light, a proximity sensor, a barometer, fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor


S-Pen has always been a unique feature in Note 4 series. A lot of improvements have been done in this version’s S-Pen. A button is present which activates air command which will bring up a circular menu.

The S-Pen offers various features like, Type of pen, colors, transparency, clipping images, screen selection, screen writing, handwriting recognition. A There is too much in store of S-Pen to be explore.


The new Note 4, in 5.7’’ screen has 2560x1440 pixel resolution with a pixel density of 515 ppi. The colors are warm, display is visible nicely even in sunlight, contrast levels are good making the blacks blacker and you will enjoy watching videos while HD movies will be treat for your eyes.


Camera is one strong-point of difference when we start comparing other phones with Galaxy Note 4. This has removed all the phone cameras drawbacks like shooting in low light or pixelated images at night, focusing speed, special effects etc. If you are into photography you can play with the focus with selective focus ode, depth of the field and operate camera in fully manual mode.

The camera is 16 megapixels with f/2.4 aperture while the rear one is of 3.7 megapixels with an aperture of f/1.9. With the help of optical image stabilization the low light pictures are fun to click.

Samsung has studied human psychology and understood the importance of offering less multiple modes and unloading customers with confusion. If a person is in need of a specific filter he is given option to download it.

For videos, only full HD and lower resolutions have video stabilization and it is disabled for 4K video shooting mode. The image stabilization helps in capturing shake free videos while 4K video shooting is an extra advantage.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is powered by 3200mAh battery delivering an impressive battery performance. On regular usage of making calls, using light apps like shopping apps and using WhatsApp easily makes the battery last for a day and a half. The phone also features an ultra-power saving mode which saves considerable amount of battery by making Note 4 work in grey scale mode while activating only needful apps.

A 2A charger comes along with the phone, which charges the battery from 290 to 60%in about half an hour which is quite impressive and useful when battery is in dying condition.

Verdict and Price

Note 4 is priced at a hefty amount of Rs.58,000. If you feel that price to be huge, wait for 10th Dec 2015 for 'Great Online Shopping Festival' and head over to GOSF page on MySmartPrice to get steal deals on mobiles and electronics.

I cannot conclude on the pricing strategy Samsung adopted for it because the phone seemed to be bit costly for the up-gradations and features it has provided when seemed from a normal users point of view. But if you love large screen and Cameras, this is a not-to-miss deal. It is moreover camera and phone bundled together in the price of a DSLR itself.