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Insight to Nanography

What Is Nanography?

In a world filled with products and services, one way to stand out among the crowd is to create an inviting brand for your business. Your brand can come in the form of interesting packaging, print ads, and newspaper ads that can help boost your sales and increase your market. There are a number of ways that you can have your products printed with interesting illustrations and graphics, but the latest technology that innovates the printing process is Landa’s Nanography.

Introduced in 2012, nanography is a water-based, indirect digital printing process that relies on nanotechnology, the science of ultra-small particles. One nanometer is one billionths of a meter, giving you an idea about the miniscule nature of this printing technology. Nanography allows businesses to do digital printing in short amount of time, reducing wastes and costs that could otherwise be used in other aspects of the business.

How it works?

The process of nanography begins with billions of droplets of Landa Nanoink colorants. These droplets contain the colors that are to be used in the printing process. The ink is ejected onto the blanket, transferring the dry image into the substrate. Each drop of an ink is timed to obtain a highly accurate image printing and to register vivid colors. The ink is water-based, allowing the moisture to evaporate quickly once heated in the process.

The size of the ink droplets makes the pigment shine brighter. Unlike the equivalent four color palette of offset printing, nanography utilizes seven color palette (CMYK + OVG) to obtain more colors than the usual. The spot color and color mixing process is practically eliminated, cutting down the time it takes to finish the entire printing process.

Benefits of Nanography

Nanotechnology is the new breed of offset printing. For businesses that rely on offset printing, you can easily shift into nanographic printing to utilize the high-speed nature of the technology. The inks that are used to print the content that you want are eco-friendly, making it a sustainable option. Not only are you helping your business reduce the carbon footprint, you’re also saving a lot from using less expensive printing materials.

Offset printing technology has been around for hundreds of years already and nanography is the bright future in packaging printing. The technology offers the capacity to yield the lowest cost-per-page of all the digital printing technologies currently present in the market. Less ink is also utilized when you replace your traditional offset and inkjet machines with nanography technology.

This technology also reduces your costs by eliminating the need for specialty paper when printing your product. Nanography allows printing on any substrate and off-the-shelf uncoated paper, even recycled ones! This also allows you to become more creative with your packaging printing. With the technology, you can easily print directly on various materials that are available at a lower cost.

The future of printing technology is now attainable thanks to nanography. The product is already gaining the interest of several corporations worldwide and the nature of digital printing is slated to go beyond the mainstream this year.