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How has Technology Changed ? [InfoGraphic]

The past 60 years has seen some of the most tremendous and innovative changes in household technology. From the birth of the humble radio, to the revolution of CDs in the 1980s, every decade has been transformed by technological modernisation. And since the 2000s, this dedication to excellence has only grown year on year - as seen in the widespread availability of smartphones and tablets.

In recent years, some of the most groundbreaking advancements have come in the form of wearable technology - like watches, glasses, and other clothing items. Hardware is now more personalised than ever before, offering users the opportunity to enjoy media and social interaction on an unprecedented scale. There’s no indication of things slowing down anytime soon either.

The most exciting advancements are still ahead of us, and there are plenty of things to look forward to the next 60 years. And ITR will be there every step of the way.

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