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Smartphone Battery Dying ? Find Charging Stations with Ease

It takes only a little serious pondering over a matter to get an incredible idea. Trivial things that are overseen which if looked as a problem will demand a resolution and will help millions and create histories. Same route has been taken by Iigo Electronics as they have launched "Charge my phone" to assist millions by locating the nearest charging station from your location.

Iigo electronics is a 12 year old company which was formed in the year 2003, it is based out of Glasgow and is a retailer of consumer electronic devices. At present, it is the amongst largest online provider of cordless phones in UK.

The story behind the idea revolves around the Director of Iigo, Daniel Stockhaus and his recent business trip. Let me narrate the story in his words, "I had several important business meetings arranged back to back one day. As I am not used to getting around London I was often check my phone for directions to the nearest tube station and of course I was answering important calls and emails from head office too. I have to admit I even took a couple of photos of Tower Bridge too.

Before I knew it, my phone’s battery was almost gone and I still had a long time before I was due to get back to my hotel room and I did not have my charger cable with me."

This simple yet urgent situation planted the idea of "Charge my Phone" in his mind. After he returned from his trip he started researching about charging stations and came up with the idea of tagging all the charging stations to one map.

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At present the Map is really extensive and has hundreds of charging stations pinned to it, here people will not need charging cables to make their device go up and running. The map not only makes standalone charging stations visible but also some of coffee shops, restaurants and places alike where people can relax, order a munch and charge their device side by side.

So next time you go wandering in streets, feeling lost with critically low battery in your phone, you just punch your location into "charge my phone" and get the nearing charging point. If you are new to the place, you could use map directions and it will guide you to charging ports.

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It is a big world, so it is needless to say that howsoever extensive the map could be there will be some loopholes, so Iigo has accepted the method of crowdsourcing to make the application better where people can themselves pin the location of charging stations.

"Charge my Phone" is a very unique way to help people in distress and also for small and large business to get new customers. What do you think of this innovative app ?