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Dark Fibre : What is it & When to Use it ?

Enterprises are growing big and fast and so are their networks, hence they crave for more bandwidth and optical backbone connectivity. This makes businesses consider the purchase dark fibre. But there are certain things to consider before deciding to adopt the technology to your business.

First and foremost is identifying the need of dark fibre, it is really necessary and are you buying it for right reasons? Dark fibre is best when you know your organization is growing exponentially and thus it manages scalability smoothly.
Technologically evolving companies can also make good use of dark fibre as it customizes the network performance reporting by giving direct access to performance management statistics offered by the equipment. In case the technology used requires much higher bandwidth data connection, the use of dark fibre will suit your situation.

If you have a low latency network, dark fibre will help you squeeze those extra microseconds by choosing your own customized transmission equipment. It might also cut the need for some transmission equipment where connections are short enough to cross connect the cables directly in the routers or other target equipment.

The decision to buy dark fibre is different than buying those other telecom services because the former is considered more like an asset due to its future advantages. Also, like other assets it needs constant attention of regular maintenance and restoration in situations of fibre cuts and other outages. One must keep in mind that servicing dark fibre lines takes more time than other telecom fibres, especially Longhaul, as it is complicated by technical issues such as optical regeneration and amplifications. This clearly states that before adopting it, you have to consider options on how to maintain and repair it remotely as the cables could be in inaccessible locations.

If you need your fibre optic cables to be diversely installed, you must effectively construct the routes by maintaining a detailed route map thus building an efficient network.

Dark fibre is the need of many increasing organizations where high bandwidth is the utmost requirement but it has its pros and cons which must considered before every buying decision.

When to Buy It

  • When controlling scalability is the priority
  • When network management needs to be controlled
  • When technology evolution is un-managed by present methods
  • When latency needs to be managed very effectively.


  • Of longhaul dark fibre purchases due to their high maintenance costs
  • Reliability of the fibre optic cables
  • Diversity of the routes to install
  • High Maintenance and repair
Amcom provides dark fibre solutions which acts like asset for businesses / companies and helps them expand reach in future and scale up coverage area. It is a great idea to invest in dark fibre, which helps businesses maintain full and complete control of their networks.