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Unlock Streaming Sites & More : Smart DNS

There are innumerable websites with unique content and innovative ways to share content, communicate, socialize and learn. Come of such websites are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn, Google+ , Hulu, Pandora and Amazon Prime, but in some grographical locations these websites are blocked. These factors must not stop us to express ourselves and explore, so you should need a tool to unblock websites.

When accessing such websites, messages might popup declaring unauthorized access denying you to use the websites. In order to break such kind of rules and browse freely, people have devised solutions where one can mask his location over the internet and use the website of his choice. Using these solutions is not a job of only technical person but it is a piece of cake for almost anybody. This article lays stress mainly on using these solutions by focusing on Smart DNS Proxy which gives you access to any blocked website.

What is Smart DNS?

Smart DNS is a proxy server which alters the domain name system (DNS) of a device so as to overcome any accessibility issue to a certain website via your DNS. So if you are traveling to a certain country where your favorite website is blocked or your email website is blocked you can access the digital content anywhere Smart DNS Proxy will take care of it. Smart DNS is an awesome program which was also mentioned by Tech.co.

There are a number of service providers to guide you in setting up a proxy server, to select one among them is solely your choice. You have to judge them on performance, speed, reliability and customer support and bid adios to censorship.

How to Begin

The most dexterous task to unblock content is choosing the best service provider, in order to make this decision there should be no hurry but an adequate amount of research will land you to a reliable resource. There are several trustworthy service providers which offer Smart DNS. You have to go through the list and compare them based on price customer feedback and select the one which suits your requirements the best.

Once the comparison is done there should be a narrowing down of the list consisting of service providers you chose, next is you can test them out by actually using them. Thus your selection criteria must contain the service providers which do not hesitate from providing free trials.

Step three includes downloading and installing the required software, you should very carefully read the guidelines provided by your chosen service provider. Every OS and browser might have different setup instructions so it is highly recommended to go through the guidelines carefully before proceeding with the installation. Do not neglect anything, if you find something ambiguous feel free to reach out to customer support of the service provider and proceed only when you get the required clarifications or resolutions.

The last step is giving complete and exact URL of the website you need to unblock Just enter the URL at Smart DNS Proxy and be all set to use the website carefreely.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Smart DNS?

There are pros and cons to everything, same is for Smart DNS, may it be very useful but it has its shares of positives and negatives. Some of the most important ones on which one must ponder are:


  • Extremely fast performance
  • No geographical limitations to unblock content
  • No specific OS /Hardware/Software restrictions
  • Nice to pocket!


  • IP is not hidden or altered by Smart DNS Proxy
In conclusion, this is a good solution, so if you are comfortable with surfing websites where protection with encryption is not a mandate. Also, Smart DNS is fast so there is no lag in streaming videos while you are working over a proxy. It is thus simple, easy to use with immediate effect.